Lip Service: Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood

Burberry got it right. Most companies who try to release a dark maroon lipstick always end up going too far one way or the other. The color is either too light, or way too dark and goth looking. But Oxblood rides the fence between the two, making for a very wearable lipstick.

I kept the rest of the face very simple, to really let the lip color shine. This formula is highly moisturizing and wears pretty much all day. I reinforced the lip line with Chanel’s lip pencil in Rouge. The colors are almost identical. This is such a comfortable formula, and the pigmentation level is fabulous. The color is balanced enough to suit a wide range of skin tones. I’d say that unless you are uber pale and not a fan of dark lips, pretty much anyone can wear this color.


You can find out more about Burberry Lip Cover in Oxblood HERE.

Shahada’s Little Helpers: Skin Peels

Ever since I was introduced to peeling (earlier this year), I’ve been aware of other products that are not as strong but do amazing things for regular skin maintenance. I’ve come across two products that easily rise to the top of the list:

This is sooooo good! First of all, it smells like pumpkin pie. 🙂 Second of all, it’s organic and just about all of the ingredients are perishable. That means you HAVE TO USE IT! Store it in a cool dry place and get it on your face on a regular basis. I use it every couple of weeks for a nice ‘pick me up.’ It’s such a lovely treatment for the face. The strength is only 5%, but there’s still some tingling if you’ve got a more sensitive skin. This, I’m told, is completely normal.

I have to say, I’ve never come across something quite like this. Unlike regular peels, which you have to leave on for minutes, this one only takes SECONDS to activate. You read that right. It take FIVE SECONDS to activate and the you roll off the dead skin, and rinse it off. So freakin’ easy, that it’s almost scary. I used it the first time and freaked out at the results. My skin was so smooth. It’s almost one of those ‘too good to be true’ kind of products. But it really does work. And it’s really gentle. I was surprised at how my skin was not even remotely irritated afterwards. And you can’t beat the developing time. Five seconds is utterly fabulous.

These two items have thoroughly impressed me. I love the low irritation levels on both, and the prices are complementary ($46 and $44, respectively). I haven’t done a deep peel in months, and with this as regular maintenance, I’m thinking that I won’t have to.

Here’s to facing the holidays with a ‘clear’ outlook on skin… and life.


Living Beauty Holiday Boutique

boutiqueWe (read: The Habibi Team) are proud supporters of The Foundation For Living Beauty. So when the founder asked me to be part of the Holiday Boutique, I was happy to oblige.



I gathered the team and we whipped up a ‘collection’ of bath and body products for the event, the night before the event. This is done on purpose. Because Habibi products are ultra fresh, we wanted the stock to be less than 24 hours old when we introduced it to the boutique guests. Most of them are ‘Living Beauties.’ That means they have, are fighting, or have survived Breast Cancer. They are incredibly sensitive to fragrance, and their skin can’t handle any additive, preservatives or other garbage typically found in many skin care items. Some are in or have been through chemotherapy, which means we have to be very careful about how we care for their skin.



fflbboutique2The day of the boutique was rainy, and we weren’t expecting much in the way of reception. But the Living Beauties showed up and showed out! They fell in love with the product, and were receptive to instructions on how to get the most out of every application.

The great news is, we sold out of almost everything. We even took a stack of ‘pre orders’ to fulfill in the coming weeks.

All in all it was a good time. We were honored to be part of the event, and donated 20% of the day’s sales to the Foundation.

FOTD: Bruised Plum

I thought this Autumn weather perfect for a Bruised Plum lip, courtesy of Tom Ford. I put this color on like a stain, using fingers and blotting excessively, then covered it with the ‘gloss’ portion of Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge. It stayed glossy and true all day, through food, drinks and lots and lots of conversation.


Kevyn Aucoin Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi  Brown Pressed Powder in Golden Orange

Tom Ford Blush in Savage (applied lightly)


MAC Pigment in Naked Dark (lids)

MAC Kohl in Designer Purple (lashline and waterline)

By Terry mascara in Purple Success


Tom Ford Lipstick in Bruised Plum

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge (clear gloss only)

Glow On: Guerlain Base Eclat Les Ors

This is an oldie but goodie…


Guerlain’s Meteorites Perles (Base Eclat les Ors) was actually released for Summer, but I find it perfect for the Holiday Season. The water-like skin base is perfect for my oily skin, and it has just enough shimmer to ‘glow’ but not make you look like you dipped your face in shimmer.

Just a glow. No real ‘shimmer’ in an obvious way. My warm skin tone just lights up a little bit, and honestly, I can just wear this and some mascara and gloss and be good to go. It’s completely sheer, but kind of makes your skin look like you just smoothed it out with a little tinted moisturizer. I love it. And because of the formulation, I don’t have to powder.

This was a limited edition product, but I do believe you can still find it online at Nordstrom.

Eye Adore: Chanel Eyeshadow Palette (Charming)

While other Holiday Collections are going all Shimmer & Shine (I’m looking at you Dior), Chanel opted for a more ‘subtle’ interpretation of the season. It’s a throwback to simpler times, when Chanel wasn’t fighting to keep up, and didn’t feel the need to douse EVERYTHING in sparkles and glitter for the Holidays. *I’m STILL recovering from that Feerie loose powder. Pink Glitter everywhere… ugh.*

Case in point: The  new Eyeshadow quint in Charming.

There is nothing obnoxious about this quint. In fact, I’ve heard many complain that it’s too subtle. I disagree. I am over the moon at the fact that there are more satins and mattes, and only ‘one’ complimentary shimmer. And the shadows are so silky, that not only is the pigmentation ridiculously high, there is NO fallout. Brilliant.

The first photo is without flash (which better reflects the true color of the shadows), and the second is with flash (the purple color on the end is not even remotely that pale in real life, under natural lighting).

Love the quilted pattern. Makes the eyeshadows look as soft and lush as they feel. The quality of these shadows is really unmatched. It’s often a challenge to get matte colors right. Chanel seems to have found the magic formula.

Do not be fooled by the second swatch from the left. The color is my flesh tone, so it just had an interesting time trying to show up on my skin. The last shade on the right is more of a matte eggplant… there are definitely some purple undertones. This is a refreshing change for Chanel, whose purples and plums tend to be a bit more vibrant, and less ‘dirty’ in hue. I love it.

The Charming Quint is limited edition, expensive ($80), and currently available on the Nordstrom website.

Pretty Read: Glitter & Glam (Melanie Mills)

Makeup books come and go. Some of them are practical… most of them are not. So as you turn the the pages and discover one epic look after another, there is typically no practical instruction to accompany the amazing pictures (which can often be airbrushed into oblivion). So at the end of the day, you’re left with a pretty picture book.

*Oh how I miss Kevyn Aucoin…*

But Melanie Mills is hoping to change that. The award-winning artist recently released a book that is as colorful as it is instructive. Glitter & Glam showcases some of Melanie’s favorite makeup looks, with step by step instructions on how to take your face from flat to fabulous.

First, a personal note about this author. Can I just say that she is one of the most effervescent, truly sweet artists that I’ve come across. She was all smiles as she explained the concept (and the process) of this book. She literally ‘glitters’ from head to toe. Considering the fact that she’s also the mastermind behind her Gleam body makeup line, it’s safe to say that Melanie Mills never met a shimmer she didn’t love.

The book features dancers, actors, and singers from Dancing With The Stars, on which Melanie was head of the makeup department for a number of years. She developed the original Gleam body makeup for the show (a formula of which I am a TRUE believer), because it gave the dancers a flawless ‘glow’ without transferring to their clothes or sweating off.

Now, here’s what I love about this book. The beginning outlines a basic ‘kit’ that you’ll need to achieve any of the looks. All of the items are pretty practical, and dupes can easily be found for just about anything Mills calls for in the book. As you take in each ‘look’ — there’s a provided list of products, from your ‘kit’ that you’ll need to get the job done. Easy peasy.

This is a pretty easy read. The book is as excitable and unpretentious as Mills, and you can kind of ‘feel’ her enthusiasm about makeup as you turn the pages. Mills truly loves her craft, and is willing to go to great lengths to get the perfect ‘look.’

I had fun turning these pages. You can find out more about Glitter & Glam HERE.