Armani Autumn 2012: ‘Yeux Teint’ Face & Eye Palettes

Armani upped the ante on the Autumn/Winter season, by offering a face and eye palette in two classic combinations. Each features three eye shadows and a blush/highlighter. I was skeptical about these palettes initially, because I sometimes feel that limited edition makeup offerings (particularly palette combinations) can be a little short on quality. But these do not disappoint.

What is most noteworthy about these palettes, is the absolute silken texture of the shadows and blushes. The shadows nearly feel ‘creamy’ – they are so soft. Just wonderful. These shadows have officially given Chanel a run for its money.

 The palettes come in two colors: Neo Black, and Neo Brown. The ‘black’ version has what some are calling a ‘bronzer’ as the blush (only on the most pale of skintones would this ever be considered a bronzer). The ‘brown’ version features a very pale pink blush.

Both palettes have a ‘neutral’ eye shadow selection. The black version features two shimmers and a deep matte black shadow. The brown version features two mattes and a shimmer. The middle brown matte is more of a warm chocolate, while the darkest colors is more of a dark ash brown. I can easily see using the darkest color as a brow color.

Once again, it’s worth noting how silky these shadows are. I am really impressed by the quality of both palettes. I tried to choose between them… and alas, I could not. So both came home with me.

It turns out the most popular palette was the Neo Brown, at least at my local Bloomingdales. I ended up getting the last one. Both palettes are very wearable, but the Neo Brown version may be the most practical.

Neo Black is on the left, Neo Brown is on the right.
Neo Black
Neo Brown
Neo Black (Eye Shadows)
Neo Brown (Eye Shadows)
(Neo Black on left, Neo Brown on the right)
These are perfect for regular use and EXCELLENT for travel. The palettes are compact and you can do a lot with just one palette. I’m officially in love with these. Armani truly outdid itself. You can find out more about Yeux Teint Face & Eye Palettes HERE.