World AIDS Day: Take a Moment

I promise not to get (too far up) on my soapbox, but I cannot pretend to not be affected. Today, the world came together to help raise awareness about HIV and AIDS, to remember those who have lost their lives to it, and to build a brighter future for those who are currently affected by it.

That’s huge.

There are more than a million people in the United States infected with HIV or AIDS. 30,000 of them live right here in Los Angeles.

This disease affects us all.

It’s neither color nor gender specific. We all are affected by it, whether we’re aware of it or not. It’s not a disease for ‘them’ (whoever ‘them’ might be at the moment). Prejudice is all fine and dandy, until YOU become one of the THEM. Remember that.

Take a moment.

Take a look around, and be kind. Be lovely to others,  and encourage loveliness from them.

Encourage tolerance.

Take care of each other.

Give Love.

Spread Peace.