Chantecaille Spring 2011: Swatches

Here are the swatches that I promised for the Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette and Whale compact. I took the pictures again in natural light…. I think they really show how amazing these items are:

This is a big palette… large and square.

Inside, there is a sheet to suggest what you might use the colors for. Needless to say, I’m throwing that out. lol

Love! These are big pans of product… about on par with Make Up For Ever. And the palette is refillable… so when you use these colors up (if you choose to use them at all) you can refill them with other Chantecaille colors.
And I have some good news… I know you guys were worried about messing up that lovely etching and overspray. You can just work around it! The overspray is only on the etching… underneath, the color runs true to the bottom. I’ve swatched this palette and used it once, and the beautiful turtles are still intact.

Eye colors with flash (the blush swatch is across the top).
Eye colors without flash.
Blush color with flash. It’s like a rose/gold. Reminds me of the sleek version.
Whale compact. It is even MORE stunning in person, if you can imagine that.

It swatches an amazing golden color… with flecks of rose and bronze. It’s very sheer… I can see using this as a highlighter, not as a blush. The price tag on the highlighter is a bit steep, considering it’s practical performance. It’s beautiful to have, but not necessary. I’d say, if you were going to buy anything from this collection, the Sea Turtle Palette is a lot more bang for your buck.

Chantecaille: Diving for Treasure

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been dying to see the new Chantecaille Sea Turtles Palette and Whale Compacts. I got to see them today and OMG…

I have to use stock photos for now because I’ve had NO TIME to do much more than play and ooh and aah over them. I promise to do more later.

But let me tell you, these are AWESOME! The most amazing piece is the sea turtle palette. I can see getting a LOT of use out of it. Of the Whale Compacts, the blusher/bronzer is the most useable. The eyeshadow compact is cute, but impractical for me.

And these are NOT cheap… so I’m not game for buying one just to have it. I want to actually use it. The Sea Turtle palette retails for about 78.00 and the compacts are 95.00 each. See? Not cheap. On the up side, 5% of proceeds from each purchase is donated to a wildlife fund. And Chantecaille’s quality is top of the line. So I won’t complain… much.

Actual pictures and swatches coming soon! Ciao for now!