Professional Grade: Beauty and the (red) Crease

I had a wedding consult over the weekend, with a bride who is anything but ‘plain.’ She’s very modern with a girly twist… but wasn’t quite sure what she wanted for her big day.

So we tried a bunch of different things, and ended up with an unusual (but fabulous) eye with a red crease:

Now, on the big day, this look will be further enhanced with a deeper smoke and false lashes (Smoke n’ Mirrors… you guys know that’s my favorite brand!). This is just the construct. Initially, she was worried about the way it would come out, but afterwards she was so happy! And that made me happy. My rule with brides is: If you don’t LOVE it, don’t do it. I never want anyone to feel like they’re just ‘settling’ with their makeup on their wedding day.

I only did half her face (which is why you only have half a picture). When I do the final look on her wedding day, I’ll share them here.

Wedding In Wine Country

I spent much of the weekend with wedding jitters…
No, I wasn’t the bride. But I was in charge of making up the bride, her mother and her baby sister. Sounds easy? Weddings never are. Seriously, there is always a meltdown somewhere or disaster some other where, and at some point everything is in danger of being undone. Someone cries, or someone breaks a major sweat, and manages to defy even the most waterproof of makeup applications…
But enough about my own wedding.
The truth is, no one ever notices. Everyone says it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to, and oh did you see the bride, and the groom was darling and the best man was so cute and the food was great… did I mention that the bride was lovely? Who did her makeup?
That would be me.
The bride wanted a smoky blue eye with a neutral lip. Mom and little sister wanted a gentle smoky eye with a flash of color. I managed to make everyone happy. Meanwhile, the bridal party found out that there was a makeup artist in the area… and suddenly everyone needed a makeover. My client list jumped from 3 to 7… with a couple of stragglers thrown in for good measure. How I managed to get everyone made up in time for the ceremony is beyond me (seriously, I only had three hours). But we’ll just call it a wedding miracle and leave it at that.
Today, I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired! The venue was 3 hours away from me.. and with loading and unloading and being on my feet. I could use a day off. Alas, I am out of luck…
LA Fashion Week has (practically) begun.
So on I trudge, grabbing a nap when I can.
On the up side, I managed to score a couple of goodies from KJÆR WEIS. Sooooooooooo, there’ll be some of that makeup goodness coming down the pipe in the form of a review… and of course… pictures of the bride.
Ciao for now!