FOTD: Simple Sari

Ahhhhhh I’m having a good face day! Yippee!!! I wanted to do something simple and showcase the utterly FANTASTIC Sari d’Eau from the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. Fortunately, my skin is in a good mood:

Despite that little pimple on my temple, it’s still a good face day. Mother Nature is just letting me know that it’s about that time.

Guerlain Lingerie D’Peau Foundation (Dore 24)
Vincent Longo Water to Canvas Blush (Clover Mist)
Chantecaille Sea Turtle Palette (Shimmer Beige)
Guerlain Retractable Eye Pencil (Gold)
Dior Maximizer Lash Boosting Serum
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Chanel Lip Pencil (Cognac)
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (Sari d’Eau)

Vincent Longo: Second Pass

My previous posts on Vincent Longo have already indicated that I tend to pass it by… nothing ever really rocks my world. So I really can’t take credit for my recent discovery of the water based foundations and blushes. This is all the fault of my favorite Space NK Guru: Edwin.

He brings me over to Vincent Longo and I’m just like: blah blah blah blah blah…

Then he forces me to swatch the blushes and I’m like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

Fortunately for me (and Edwin), I have incentive points (which translate into $$ discounts) with Space NK. No time like the present to cash them in!

So I ended up with this:

That’s the Water to Canvas Blush in Clover Mist. It’s like a terracota orangey rose on me. Just gorgeous.

It fees like cool water going on… like the Chantecaille Aqua Blush variety. You can use it with your fingers, a sponge or a brush. Just depends on what kind of finish you want.

I swatched it sheer, but it builds up pretty strong. And it dries down, so it totally merges in with your skin. I had a hard time ‘dry wiping’ to get it off. I ended up using a makeup remover cloth. So that tells me that it’ll stay put. Love that.

So, thanks to Edwin, I now have to take another (closer) look at Vincent Longo… AGAIN. He tried to get me to fall in love with those foundations… not gonna happen… maybe. LOL. I’ll have to see what my skin feels like. My skin likes what it likes, and the idea of ‘dipping’ into a solid foundation makes me nervous. Unsanitary.

Like I said… we’ll see.

FOTD: Smoke and Oranges

Not really sure what I was going for here. My primary purpose was to wear the Vincent Longo cream shadow. So, here it is…

Guerlain Parure Gold (06)
Sleek Contour Kit (Medium)
Vincent Longo Cream Shadow in Lovely Brown
Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow in 306
Stila Smudgepot in Onyx
Guerlain Kohl in Black Fakhir
Chanel Intimitable Mascara
Guerlain Lipstick in Gina

Who Remembers… Vincent Longo?

Not me.
Year’s ago, the line was at Naimies, and I’m sure I saw it at Sephora. Then there was this HUGE sale, and POOF! Everyone thought Vincent Longo had gone the way of the dinosaur.

The first time I noticed it again was mere *months ago, at Space NK in Bloomingdales. Even then, I didn’t give it a passing glance. Like, who’s got Vincent Longo on their radar anymore?

But… let’s be fair. I don’t know WHY the company got dumped by so many retailers, but it’s not like the products are awful. As little as I remember about the line, I don’t remember anything about it being of poor quality.

So, I decided to give ol’ Vince another shot:

This is the liquid eyeshadow in a color called Lovely Brown. It looks like a lip gloss (and sort of applies that way), but it blends out like a mousse, and SETS like an Aqua Cream. OMG. It stains at little bit too. After I did my swatch:

…I tried to wipe it off and it did NOT budge! That swatch doesn’t even do this color justice. It’s a rich brown with aubergine undertones, and the slightest hint of gold shimmer. Just stunning. I’m truly impressed.

I’m starting small with this line. Just the shadow. If this one performs, there are a bunch of other colors that I’ll go back for. Vincent Longo… welcome back to my radar. Consider me a cautious… but blossoming fan.