Professional Grade: Video Shoot

I joined the fantastic folks led by filmmaker Issa Rae for a video shoot last night. I, along with Makeup Artist Adriana, were charged with glamming up a group of girls… and then destroying their makeup.

I didn’t get a chance to shoot many pictures, but here’s what I got:

My Travel Brushes. As you can see, I use a little bit of everything. LOL

Adriana finishing her fantastic makeup look, and fixing a wig that basically refused to cooperate…

Random Shots:

It was a fantastic experience. I’m happy I got a chance to work with Issa Rae and her crew… I really admire her professionalism and endeavor to make a mark in the world of video and film making. Today, I’m a little groggy after pulling double duty… but I have to say, it was totally worth it!