MAC: Metal X Cream Shadows

The MAC Metal X Collection promised a new and improved version of the company’s cream shadows. The old shadows tended to skip, the pigmentation was suspect, and they didn’t hold up under pressure. I have to say, someone at MAC is paying attention and taking notes, because these new shadows are  AWESOME.

Two shadows came home with me: Venetian Tarnish and Vintage Coin.

Venetian Tarnish
Vintage Coin
That’s what’s left after swatching the shadows on my arm. This formula is dense… not greasy or slippery at all. It will likely take some work to blend out.. the lack of slip is noteworthy. But I think that the formula has to be dry enough, to ensure high pigmentation and lasting power.  I rather like these shadows. These were my favorite colors. I think though, that I may go back for more.