Lip Service: NARS Carthage

I saw the NARS Summer 2011 collection, and the only thing that stood out to me was the bold matte pink lippie: Carthage. So that’s what came home with me…

I know this color scared some folks, but I assure you that all fears are unfounded. Despite it’s very bold color in the tube and on the lips, Carthage translates quite nicely in real life:

With flash, the color comes up quite a blue based fuchsia. But unless you’re spending the day under florescent lights, this shouldn’t be a concern.

Without flash, it’s a much softer rose-pink. I’m actually surprised by how soft it wears.

Now, because this is a matte, a healthy dose of lip balm before application is probably wise. I can see this drying out the lips over time. One positive note though, this lipstick wiped off clean… no staining. I think you can also sheer it down if the tube color is too strong for you.

In all, I think this lippie is a keeper. Yep.