Favorite Things 2012: Lashing Out

I came across some of the coolest formulas and little ‘additions’ for making your lashes utterly fabulous this year.

Here’s what topped my list:

Mascara: Chanel Le Volume de Chanel

Did Chanel REALLY surpass Armani in terms of a quality mascara? My answer is yes. The Volume de Chanel Mascara is, in my opinion, the best mascara Chanel has ever dreamed up. It not only lengthens and builds volume, it also ‘curls’ your lashes! Seriously, I can put this mascara on without curling first, and still end up with long, lush curly lashes.

Individual Lashes: MAKE UP FOR EVER Individual Lashes

These Make Up For Ever Individual Lashes have been a life saver! It takes a little practice, but adding individual lashes can become about the simplest thing in any given beauty routine. I’ve used a ton of these to open up clients eyes without the drama of a strip lash. They work beautifully and look totally natural. You can use them alone or with a little mascara. I highly recommend these babies.

Strip Lashes: VELOUR Mink False Lashes

This is a lovely way to add a little luxury without breaking the bank. What I love about Velour Lashes is that they’re so light and comfortable! And, they don’t cost an arm an a leg. Most mink lashes can run you in the hundreds of dollars (no, seriously). Plus, you can use these up to 25 times with proper care. And for those of you worried about the lovely little minks that these lashes came from… worry not; The hairs for these lashes come from the what the animals naturally shed when they are brushed.

That’s it! Those are my top ‘lash’ picks for 2012. Ciao for now!

IMATS 2012: The Haul

This year I hit IMATS with a budget and a plan: NO MAKEUP! Seriously, there is no need for me to add a single piece of makeup to my collection… especially not from IMATS. The discounts are nice… but the makeup stations are always a feeding frenzy. I find that it’s best to plan ahead. So I did.

I called Hakuhodo ahead of time and placed my order. That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about what they brought to the show, and what they left behind. With the exception of replenishing my Velour Lashes stash (I used them all on the models for the Agenda Magazine cover), that’s all I really planned on buying.

I took pictures of the brushes separately (I got 10 in all) because I thought they looked better that way:

Angled Face Powder Brush
Pointed Face Powder Brush
Highlighter Brush
3 Eye Shadow Brushes (Small/Med/Large)
 2 Crease Brushes (Small/Med)
 1 Angled Brush (brows/lashline)
1 Mascara Spoolie
Now, of course these brushes are not necessary. I am, however, upgrading my brush collection (and sending the lot of my original brushes to my little sister)… and I opted to add the Hakuhodo Vermillion Brushes to my collection. I’m slowly building. I’d like to use mostly Hakuhodo brushes in the future. I love their symmetry and performance, and I think they’re worth every penny. I’ll finish this collection up likely next year. I have plenty to work with for now.
I also restocked my Velour Lashes stash. I’m fond of the ‘Complete Me’ Lashes because they’re very long and can accommodate a wide range of eye sizes and shapes. You can cut them and not lose the overall look and feel of the lash, which is fabulous. 
I admit to being a first-timer with Model in a Bottle. I’ve heard amazing things about this product, but I’ve never gotten around to actually using it. So this time, I plunked down a few dollars for the original formula and the sensitive skin formula. I can’t wait to test it out in this summer heat!
There was a fantastic show special on brush cleaner (this is my favorite brand), so this purchase was a no brainer. I was out of brush cleaner, and I got this little ‘show kit’ for the price of a regular bottle of cleaner.
My final purchase was a makeup book called ‘Makeup Is Art.’ I bought it because I liked the practical aspect of the makeup. I’m always interested in unusual color combinations and placement, but I tend to lean toward more wearable creations. The cover notwithstanding… the inside is full of looks and ideas that can easily be interpreted into editorial… and even practical applicaton.
That’s it… that’s my haul! See… NO MAKEUP! I  had a really good time this year. I’m really happy with the experience, and my purchases. 
We’ll do it again next year!

Gearing up for IMATS

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. IMATS is coming back to Los Angeles… and I’ll be there. But this time I’m on a budget. Hmph.

IMATS London

I’ve also mapped out a plan so that I don’t lose my natural mind. After my exploits at The Makeup Show, I sincerely need to have a seat.

I will definitely get some choice brushes from Hakuhodo. I want to start building an S-Series collection. But I have to take it slow. Those are the flagship brushes of the company, and they are EXPENSIVE. So I’m just going to do a few this time.

I’m also going to pay a visit to the lovely ladies of Velour Lashes. I’ve started using their lashes since getting them at The Makeup Show in March… and they are FABULOUS. They are so light and comfortable, and clients love the fact that they are Mink and cruelty-free (the hairs come from brushing the animals, so they are not harmed).

I’ll pop by OCC Makeup to see if anything is new and maybe hit Naimies and Nigels for show discounts on some of my favorite brands. I’m a little bummed that Kevyn Aucoin won’t be there (I can always use more Radiant Diaphanous Powder), but I’ll survive.

I also want to go to the Master Class taught by Kabuki (MAC), and I might catch a few others. I hope to stay (read: be awake) long enough to see the student competition at 3:45pm.

I always go to IMATS the old fashioned way (waiting in line with everyone else). I know a few ‘Pro Card’ card holders will be there on Friday, and I think they get an express pass in on Saturday, but honestly I enjoy the spectacle of IMATS, from long lines to amazing makeup.

I might meet with a few colleagues while I’m there… but I promise that this time I’m wearing comfortable shoes! I do NOT want a repeat of The Makeup Show. Bianca was just having a ball and taking her time, and I was in the worst shoes on earth… my feet were KILLING me! No more. Sneakers this go around. I’ll leave the ‘dressing up’ to the youtube gurus this year. 🙂

As always, I’ll take lots of pictures and regale you guys with tales from the wild side of makeup!

The Makeup Show LA 2012: In Pictures

Whew… I’m finally back home! Up at 5am… at the show by 9… out much later than I intended. I’m pretty sure that my feet will file for legal separation from the rest of my body. They hurt SO bad. I wore the wrong footwear. SMH.

I had a blast though… and am happy about the ultimate Hakuhodo Haul… more on that later. First: here is the show… in pictures:

The new Goat/Synthetic foundation brushes from Hakuhodo. I ALMOST got one, but Bianca (MUA) wouldn’t let me. Boo!

Getting lash extensions.
Cruelty Free Mink Lashes. LOVE!
Amazing work, right? This is the same artist that I worked with on the Issa Rae Zombie Music Video. She’s EXTREMELY talented… I was blown away by this… her skin actually looked like WOOD. Awesome. She also did this picture:
Loved these looks:
Bianca and Kim Greene
That’s all folks! I enjoyed  myself. I ran into Edwin (formerly of NARS, now of Malin & Goetz), and Alex (MAC Makeup Artist)… stayed too long… wore the wrong boots (my feet were on FIRE! 7 hours standing… omg)… bought too much (as usual)… but I had a REALLY good time! We’ll do it again next year. Ciao for now!