Las Vegas de Chanel: Brilliance & Vegas Gold

I got two items from the Las Vegas de Chanel Collection: Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliance and the Lip Pencil in Vegas Gold:

Both are a bright yellow gold… shot through with a multi shimmer. The finishes of both items are pretty sheer as well. I think they work better with other colors and formulas. The RCS works if you just want a sheer  pop of gold on your lips… but it is not opaque like a lipstick (which is probably a good thing). The pencil is surprisingly warm… and wearable.

Rouge Coco Shine in Brilliance
Lip Pencil in Vegas Gold
See? Sheer. It’s actually a lot more opaque in person, but the flash pushed right through the color. Also, this combination (pencil and RCS) is good for a concept look, but a bit garish for real life. It’s very yellow and high on the sparkle. So unless you want disco-ball lips, I suggest you tone these products down in practical application with other neutral colors and formulas.
For the moment, I am passing on the Lucky Stripes Bronzer/Highlighter. Damned near $100 bucks is a LOT to ask, even if it’s from Chanel. I’m thinking about it. We’ll see.
That’s it for my Las Vegas de Chanel haul. Ciao for now!