Subtle & Sustainable: Tarte High Performance Naturals

One of the best (and in some cases, worst) things to come out of MAC were those shade sticks and greasepaint sticks. Some of them HIT… like the green and blue and black… and of course, Sharkskin. But some of them totally missed. When that warm and cozy collection came out last year (I can’t keep up) there were three shade sticks in the collection and UGH. They skipped and refused to stay put. I was so sad about that, because it would have been a great addition to my kit, had they actually worked.

Well, Tarte seems to have found the answer to that little problem:

Tarte’s hYES set ($15.99) features two eyeshadow sticks (made with Amazonian Clay) and a mini mascara. The colors are subtle: one stick is neutral gold, and the other a neutral taupe-y bronze. They go on smooth and beautifully, and they do NOT.MOVE:

The colors are subtle, but they literally open your eyes and give you a bit of a glow. I’m sold. I really like them both, and I can multi-task, since they’d easily double as a shadow base whenever it’s needed.

Put me down as fan. These are great if you just want to put something on quickly and go… or use as a base to build a more dramatic look. Add to that the fact that Tarte is a vegan brand… and I see no way to go wrong with this little set.