FOTD’s and Opinions

I haven’t been here in too long. So busy hovering over Habibi and trying not to die with my latest madness with Tracy Anderson. One of the Corepower teachers also works there and convinced me to go to class… and the next thing you know I’m going twice a week. What the hell… but it WORKS. I sweat for my life, but fortunately I’m used to that because of hot yoga.

Meanwhile, all that sweating and working out works wonders for my skin. So I’ve been able to try out foundations and see their actual performance without stressing about coverage.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen all these already. Apologies.

This is trying the Elcie Cosmetics Minimalist Palette. It’s okay. Reminds me a lot of the Louise Young Basic Palette from 100 years ago… which was later blown out of the water by FullSizeRender(8)the Becca Ombre palette. Becca still wins in this round.

Here I went back to the Kat Von D Metal/Matte palette, and wondered bhy I’d left it alone for so long. I really like it. I didn’t go near that Pastel Goth mess because I’m not 12. Just seemed like a phenomenal waste of time to play in grade school tea party clown pastels like I used to when I was 5. Plus I heard the quality is a hot mess. But I don’t imagine you can put that much white in a pigment and end up with anything other than matte chalk… so yeah.

Kat Von D is like any other brand… sometimes it hits, sometimes it misses. I have the Alchemy Palette shoved in some dusty corner. I still need to review it. FullSizeRender(9)

Although you know my opinions about the Surratt Foundation, I’m still using it. I still hate the damn brush. The formula is exquisite though. It’s just like skin, no matter how much you pack on. It’s a fantastic canvas for a single color theory look because it doesn’t distract from the hue of whatever you chose to put all over your face. I adore matte rust colors, and Danessa Myrik’s 24hr Cream Color in Rustic is my JAM.

The lips also got lined in Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollywood Honey (because… awesome),and you already know that mascara is Armani.  I know some people have issues with it, but I absolutely love it. I’m on my third tube. Damn shame. I haven’t even cracked that Better Than Sex one that came in the heart shaped FullSizeRender(10)waste of time from Kat Von D and Too Faced. I hope by the time I get to it, it’s not dried out. Here’s hoping.

This was fun. Back to Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis… with the gold cream and her original Gold Pigment. Whew! Love. She pissed me off with that crappy Skin Fetish mess (that they had the NERVE to bring back in stock. But no Phantom? M’kay) in the horrid packaging. This is by far my favorite Path McGrath offering. The golden sheen on my lips is from that Bite Beauty Lipgloss they had out for holiday. Not sure if you can still get it. I put it over Marc Jacobs Mahogany (blotted all the way down to keep the goth vibes at bay) and it held all day without a touch up. Plus, Bite lippies just smell like a dream. They do this so well (lips). I wish other companies (cough cough… Guerlain) would take notice.


First take on the Stila Liquid Metals. This is Rose Gold Retro. Definitely my favorite of the bunch because it’s not full of silver sparkles. I know they were trying to do ‘shine’ with the formulas, but all that silver looks wack in things like bronze or dark brown. I also have the gold (which also has silver crap in it… boo!). I’ll see how it works out and report back. This IMG_9653one held like a charm. They’re not waterproof, but they wear very very well until you take them off.

And back to Victoria Beckham we go! Still one of my favorite collections. I know the colors are basic, but the formulation and the performance is exemplary. Lips are the new Bite Edgy Neutrals… I think this one is in Cremini. They are a little scary at first (they are kinda goth), but really wear well. A little goes a LONG way. I applied it right from the bullet, and I didn’t like it. But when I used a brush and patted it into my lips with fingers, it looked much better.

Sooooo last night on my Instagram, a model that I used to work with put some stuff under an FOTD about wearing a crap ton of makeup. You guys know that I’m all about that SKIN. Your skin has to be in good shape. And if it’s not, whip it into shape. All the  makeup in the world won’t change that. And no, this doesn’t mean that people who insist on drag to go get groceries have crap skin. But it’s just always funny to me that a makeup style that was specifically used to soften the features of men, is now being used to erase the features of women. I came from the school of thought (despite very heavy influence by Kevyn Aucoin) that a face should wear the makeup; the makeup should not wear the face. So I’m personally not a fan of it… but hey. To each his/her own. My thing is, as long as it’s not being used as a crutch it’s all good. If you can wash it off at the end of the day and like what you see… that’s healthy. If not, maybe it’s a good idea to see what will happen to the world if you venture out without your ‘face.’ Here’s a hint: nothing. The sun will rise and the earth will turn. And maybe you’ll get to know your actual face a little better. 😉

Unless I’m working (and not at the yoga studio), there’s no makeup on my face. One night I went to the studio to teach new teachers, and wore makeup. They had no idea what to do. LOL They know my face… without foundation, powder, shadow and mascara. At least two of them said that they prefer me without it. Huh.





FOTD: Lions & Chimps

I pulled some of the more ‘charitable’ new releases from Chantecaille and Kat Von D to put this together. You’ve already seen the Lion’s palette. The Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in Project Chimps is an orange-based red that I find actually wears more comfortably than fullsizerender143her regular colors. I struggle with Lolita II in terms of dryness and flakiness. But this set in about 30 seconds and wore comfortably for hours. It’s described as a ‘warm brick red’ but it’s not … at least not on me. It definitely translates much lighter than brick and is more orange than ‘warm’… even though orange is a warm color. Am I making any sense? Maybe not.

Anyway, to the makeup! The base is a combination of By Terry’s Lumiere Foundation in #8 (which I don’t think they make anymore) and Koh Gen Do’s Aqua foundation in Ochre. Ochre is super yellow, and By Terry pulls a little pink. So I combined the two to neutralize them. Powder is Charlotte Tilbury pressed in #2 (which has quickly become my jam, much to the chagrin of my wallet). Blush isn’t really that at all… it’s Highlight The Truth (which says Taraji Glow on the back) from the MAC Taraji P. Henson collection. It’s such a strong peachy gold that I can easily wear it as a blush. It would only be a highlighter on much darker skin, and honestly I think they did that on purpose and… KUDOS! I soooo feel like Taraji was in the background talking about: “Y’all got PLENTY for the pale girls. Y’all need to hook my pigmented beauties up!” You know she was.

Eyes are mostly the grey and rust colors from the Chantecaille . As you can see, they kind of mashed together. The grey is matte and the rust is shimmer but damn if they don’t  both look BROWN. I’m working on that. I put the tiniest bit of the highlight color near the tear duct. Y’all WHY do my brows look like that? SMH.  I need to call Jennifer… who I’m pretty sure is on vacation or something because my phone has not buzzed with an appointment reminder. Dammit.

The liner is Tom Ford Eye Definer, which so far is so very good. BUT I always think that about a new liner and that joint dries out 10 days later so I’m reserving final judgement for a while. MUFE pissed me off so damn bad… started skipping just weeks after I bought it (damn felt tip liner). But this one has a brush and it’s making a difference. Takes a little more control… which is funny for me because I’ve clearly been out of practice from using felt tip liners and gel liners/brushes. But it’s holding up well for the moment.

You already know what the mascara is. 😉

The lips were applied two different ways: center from the wand and edges with a brush. This liquid lipstick isn’t super thin, but it’s just enough to make me a little nervous so I did a little precision work.

So Much Makeup…

Okay, I know I owe y’all some posts and what not. But hey, you finally got the skincare stuff … so… yeah. But now… MAKEUP!

Let’s start with Chantecaille:


I got off my tail and got all of the Lux Chrome Duos. OMG. So good. I love them all, even the Monte Carlo which is broken in the latch (I am so taking it back and trading it for a good one. Things cost too much money to have a bogus latch. Hmph). They are essentially high shine pressed pigments. At least one of the colors has that high shine, while the other might behave more as a shimmer. They work amazing together or separate, and the quality is simply out of this world. Makes me forgive madness like the Coral palette or the Bumblebee palette (NO ONE WEARS SKY BLUE EYESHADOW)… just saying.


Tibet is hands down my favorite. It’s a high shine smoky brown and platinum that really come to life on my warm skin. I’ve been wearing this in some form non stop since getting it about a month ago. If you can only pick one, this would be my recommendation.


I honestly didn’t expect to like Gardens of Marrakesh as much as I do. I’m not a fan of pastels (see my quip about pale blue) so I was a little meh on the combo. But they really work together so well. And I’ve even worn the lavender by itself, so that’s something.


Behind Tibet, this is my next favorite. Monte Carlo is my jam with a warm peach and shimmer light bronze. Swatched like crap… and I’m not really sure why. Because it’s really amazing. I’ll show y’all in an FOTD eventually. No, really.


I don’t even like purple that way, but Piazza San Marco is just enough of a ‘dirty purple’ to get me interested. It really sticks and can be manipulated to go warm or cool with other shadows. How awesome is that?


Look at how disrespectful these pictures are. I don’t even know why they did that. Probably because I’m about to talk trash. I’m not a huge fan of greens either. I love the idea of khaki, but I don’t wear it enough. But like the purple, Grand Canal made me pay attention because of the formula. Honestly, it wears light with a high shine and little to no effort. Also no creasing or fading on these oily lids, particularly because I refuse to wear a primer (I’m prejudiced against extra product for extra product’s sake). If your eyeshadow can’t perform on its own, it has no business in my collection.

New Chantecaille (since this stuff’s been out for a while) is coming. Y’all know I’m chatty. Gotta break up these posts! 😉


On Celebrity, Obscurity, Empathy and Acceptance

One of the more interesting things about teaching yoga is the clientele. Because of where I teach, there’s a regular roster of extremely well known, sort of well known, used to be well known, and all but forgotten men and women who come to take class. As is the case on the red carpet (I used to be a field producer), I’ve found that the more famous a person – the better their overall demeanor. Same for the least famous. It’s the ones in the middle who tend to present the biggest challenge. They’re famous enough for special treatment in some places, but not all places. So there’s this interesting dynamic that requires both of us do a little dance and find a happy medium.

Now, we are specifically trained to treat all bodies as just that… bodies. In a yogic space we are all equal. I don’t care if you travel alone or with an entourage (this is a thing sometimes), you will be treated with love and kindness… but you will not be treated any differently than anyone else. If you are aligned, we will praise you. If you need correcting, we will correct you…. sometimes verbally, sometimes physically. We do the same for everyone. If you do not opt out of hands on adjustments (we make an announcement at the beginning of every class so you can make your choice), there is a chance that we will touch you. If you don’t like any of these things, then perhaps we are not the studio for you.

For the most part, it’s truly smooth sailing. Some of the best times is when the most recognizable person on earth breezes in and grins like a little kid and puts out their hand to shake or gives you a hug to say hi. They pop into class, slap down their mat and take the yoga. Easy peasy. But every now and again, I come up against the occasional skittish human who has either been mistreated in the past or is afraid of being mistreated in the future. We’re pretty adept at reading people and we pivot to keep the space comfortable. Our other students are just as adept, and there has never been an incident that I’ve witnessed where someone was called out or treated differently because of what they do for a living.

Why am I talking about this? Recently, I hit a bump. A formerly famous person came to take class. I’m old enough to remember her in her heyday, but the teacher with me was not. And I get the feeling that the other teacher has a natural aversion to celebrity. Such is youth. Such is life. Between the student not wanting to give their real name or phone number, to the computer going I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO BE GREAT TODAY and just refusing to work properly, it was kind of a hot mess. There were so many technical difficulties. And if that’s not enough, there were mere minutes before class started and 30 other students to teach and … just boo.

Plus, the other teacher was like ‘attitude much?’… which I honestly don’t believe was the case. I’ve come in contact with this woman before (like 12 years ago. I said I was old) and I’ve always found her to be skittish and extremely shy. Not in a stuck up way, but in a wounded puppy kind of way. So I was soft with her, but I’m not sure it was enough. She was upset and couldn’t really articulate why. I did the best I could. We got through it.

The situation stayed with me after I left the studio. I always mentally assess what could have been done make things better. Sometimes life is just stupid and you have to adjust accordingly. Before I left, I pulled the other teacher aside and informed her that I’m not sure it was a matter of being a diva as it was general frustration and shyness. Or maybe she was annoyed that we didn’t react to her coming into the studio. Or maybe she had a bad day. I’m not sure what the issue was. I’m also not sure that I should care.

Carrie Fisher once famously said that the only guarantee of celebrity, is eventual obscurity. Everyday I find that to be increasingly true. I think a lot of our currently and formerly famous students do too. They come into our studios to breathe and sweat and practice BECAUSE they are just a body there. There is no special treatment, no unwanted attention, no pressure to do anything more than just be and breathe (you know you’re being tested when half of your class reads like a blockbuster casting). We are immensely proud to cultivate that environment so that everyone is comfortable and everyone can rise to their highest, best self.

I’ve been lucky. I’ve heard of folks who get up and change the music or the volume because they don’t like it and think they can. Man look. Try that shit in my class. No for real… try it.

The good news is, she came for yoga. The better news is, she stayed for yoga. I hope that she’ll be back.

And I hope the damn computer is working next time.


GAIA Breakdown

Linda made a fabulous suggestion to break down GAIA so that you guys know what’s going on. That’s totally fair. Considering how sensitive I am about what I put on my own face, I completely understand. Know that every single ingredient in every Habibi product serves a purpose. We don’t use fillers, chemical additives or preservatives. I personally trace the origin of every ingredient (a customer once asked me if my Vitamin E was GMO… and I reassured her that it was not). So please know that you can ask me anything.

I’m going to break down the moisturizer because it carries the highest concentration of the ingredients. It will live the longest on your face so it can do the most work.

Jojoba Oil: Primary moisturizer. Deeply moisturizing and healing, and has the unique ability to imitate the natural sebum in your skin (oily girls take note) so it won’t exacerbate oil production.

Organic Fermented Aloe: Secondary moisturizer. Deeply hydrating and healing without upsetting natural ph of formulation or skin.

Organic Raw Honey: Secondary moisturizer. Boosts the aloe hydration by binding to it to make it ‘stick’ to your skin longer.

Organic Papain: Primary enzyme exfoliant. Papain (papaya) works to break up the proteins that bind dead cells on the skin’s surface. Safe enough for daily use on sensitive skins.

Organic Orange/Passionfruit/Lemon Fruit: Secondary enzyme exfoliant and brighteners. Unlike acids, the fruit extracts are gentler on the skin and are less likely to cause irritation. All three have major brightening and anti-aging properties without risk of photo-sensitivity (but you still need to wear sunscreen no matter what).

Organic Watermelon Extract: Primary healer. Improves the appearance of aged and stressed skin and boosts the regeneration process. It also reduces redness and soothes irritation. It’s the primary booster the aloe and honey.

Organic Algae Extract: Secondary healer. Antioxidant boost and mineral deposit carrier system for the exfoliants.

Organic Cucumber Extract: Secondary, water based moisture content. Soothes and cools skin, and counteracts ‘warming’ action from enzyme action without disrupting said action.

Organic Chamomile Extract: Secondary, water based moisture content. Calming effect on skin and boosts cucumber.

Vitamin E: Antioxidant and  Preservative.

Hope that helps! Keep  me posted on any changes, concerns or reactions. Thanks you guys! ❤


GAIA Giveaway

Hey People!

As you may (or may not) know, I own a lil’ organic skin care company called HABIBI. We just released our newest skin care line, GAIA, and I need test babes to give honest feed back about the product.

gaia set

Here’s what you need to know, GAIA is suitable for all skin types, but sensitive types may not fare well with the fruit extracts. The Brightening Wash and Moisturizer are designed to exfoliate the skin naturally and gently using fruit and papaya (a natural enzyme exfoliant) to reveal brighter and more youthful skin.

gaia set 1

I have six sets to give away. Once you receive it, just use it all up and answer a few questions about how it felt and performed.

All you have to do is like this post and leave a comment. I’ll randomly select 6 people for a GAIA Discovery Set in one week.

Good Luck!

MAC Dej Loaf

I’ll be honest: when this popped up in my inbox I was all set to pass. MAC lipglass is not my favorite product. The icky sticky formula attracts every lint particle and bug on the planet, not to mention it ends up looking like waxed death on fuller lips past one or two hours. BUT after some mental back and forth, I decided to try it out.


Here’s the thing: for those of you old enough to remember, Dej Loaf Lipglass is what Oh fotd dej loafBaby SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Back when MAC was independent enough to make its own decisions about what Makeup Art Cosmetics should mean to the people (before being absorbed by corporate behemoth Estee Lauder), it released one of the first of many favorites in the lipglass deparment. Everyone I knew snapped up as many tubes of Oh Baby as they could get their hands on, because it LOOKED LIKE a mid-tone sparkle nude. In reality, it was a sparkly greasy too ashy hot ass mess. But we wore it anyway (with Cork lip liner) and called it a beauty success.

But it appears that everything comes around, because when I put this lipglass on I immediately did a little dance. It reminded me of my hopeful former self when I got my hands on my first tube of Oh Baby and just KNEW it was gonna be my go to nude. This one.. it turns out.. totally can be.


Viseart 02 Ribbons Boheme

So my super bright super pigmented super look-at-all-the-colors-that-I’m-never-going-to-wear Viseart Ribbons Boheme Palette arrived:

Stunningly gorgeous and really easy to mix and match. This formula is new; called a ‘metallic foil’ by the folks at Viseart. I thought they’d be insane in terms of finish and really impractical, but the colors can be blended out to look muted or packed on for a high shine. All of them are silky to the touch and move easily with fingers or a brush.

boheme 2

boheme 1

Gone are the days where I go nuts with color out the gate, so for my first foray I used the top three colors on the top left: yellow gold, bronze, and coral:

Ignore the brows. I’m calling Jennifer today.

Viseart Cashmere, Minx & Chroma Palettes


Linda this is for you. Here are swatches of the new Viseart palettes. I didn’t think I was going to like the Cashmere and Chroma palettes as much as Minx, but they are just as amazing. True to Viseart, the shadows are silky and  highly pigmented.

viseart palette trio

Cashmere is a true neutral and goes easily from cool to warm tones with the right intensity and layering. Minx is incredibly warm, and even leans toward red/burgundy with the bottom two colors (especially that shimmer). And Chroma reminds me a lot of the Titanium  palette from Tom Ford… but goes even a step futher with two shimmer greys; the middle has a taupe undertone and the bottom one has a true ‘oil slick’ black base.

fotd viseart chroma

Plus you can mix and match between palettes. For this FOTD, I grabbed the black from Chorma, and layered with the top shimmer from Cashmere. The result was a soft shimmery smoke that can easily be word dayside without looking like you’re doing the most.


FOTD: Ombre Lip

I’m fairly sure the whole ‘ombre lip’ thing is about as tired as a Vegas showgirl at 11am,  fotd ombre lipbut for some reason I just felt like doing it. Burberry lipstick in Oxblood was calling my name, so I figured what the heck on this partly cloudy Spring day.

First, a well deserved shout out to Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow (Dore). It’s such a deceiving little thing! It looks way too light in a swatch and even on my skin… for about five minutes. And then it kind of sinks in and I end up looking ‘lit.’ I warmed it up with Tom Ford Bronze Age Bronzer because I am not up for anybody’s flashback. That ship filled with ‘too light/ashy looking’ foundation has sailed and it is never coming back.

No powder today (whaaaaaaaaaaaat) save for that bronzer around the edges and Tom Ford Gold Dust very lightly through the center. I’m trying to preserve the ‘glow’ so… yeah. Plus I’m really working on this thing where I don’t dry out my skin and get it to thinking that it needs to produce more oil to compensate (Yes, Jennifer showed me that too). Since actively working to ‘balance’ my skin with my skincare, I’ve produced so much less oil in general, so I’m experimenting with also trying it out in my makeup.

Blush is one of the epic Kiko ones… this time in 100. Might be my favorite. It’s this cool bronze color and it just lights my skin up without actally adding too much color. I grabbed the brown Troy Surrat pencil and popped it on my lashline and smudged it under my waterline, and finished with Armani Mascara.

Now to the lips. Burberry Oxblood lip pencil, Burberry Oxblood Lipstick, and Dose of Colors matte liquid lip in Sand in the center.

So 90’s.