ULTA Mini Haul

Nothing like a 20% off coupon to get me into ULTA to see what’s what. I didn’t do much damage. Just a little mini haul…

Butter London Nail Polish in The Old Bill
IMAN Cosmetics Blush in Allure
IMAN Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Shimmering Velvet
I was worried that the nail polish was going to have a ‘flat’ shine… but was happy to find out that it’s actually a 3-dimensional shimmer. Love it… definitely doing the whole hand (well, both hands) this weekend.
I love this blush! Thank GOODNESS for testers because I would have never gotten it without testing it first. It’s like a peachy bronze on me. Gorgeous. Totally works as a ‘warm’ blush that gives my face an overall glow.
I originally got this gloss because I thought it would be a nice companion to the Tom Ford Black Orchid Lipstick. But it’s so opaque, it wears very nicely on its own. It’s a lot darker in person. I feel like the flash ate the color. I thought it would be more of a berry color… but it’s shot through with a LOT of gold and a bit of brown. Lovely.
That’s my little mini  haul! See… not too ridiculous. 25 bucks (cashed in my ULTA points as well)… not too shabby.

Product Review: Eco Tools Bronzing Brush

I’ve been on the hunt for a good, dense bronzing brush for a while now. I love my Hakuhodo G257, but I worry sometimes about blending too much with liquids because the hairs are dyed (and wet formulations can mess up the hairs).

Recently, I came across the Eco Tools Bronzing Brush, while poking around at my local ULTA:

What got my attention was the density and softness of the brush head… LOVE that. It also helps that ULTA has a sample brush sitting out for you to try. Had I not tried the brush first, I might not have bought it. I really don’t like buying things sight unseen. I love to try before I buy.

I’ve already tried it with both a bronzer and a loose powder, and it performed beautifully! I really like this brush. I think I’m going to get another one for my kit (I keep two sets of brushes: one for me, and one for clients). It’s totally worth it.

You can get this Eco Tools brush at any local ULTA store (retail: $12.50), or at www.ulta.com

20% off at ULTA!

I may be the last person to know about this..  but I noticed that everyone had these coupons last night and I was SO SALTY! LOL

Not to worry… you can apparently print this out… or use it online. Good until Friday!

Happy Shopping Beautiful People!