NARS: Spring 2011

Everyone’s been buzzing about the Spring collection from NARS. I checked it out earlier this week…

The promo pic seemed a litle 90’s androgynous to me. And the actual items didn’t seem like much to covet. Those pencils (one of which is a repromote) continue to crease on my oily lids, so that was a pass for me. I feel like most of the shadow/gloss colors are dupeable, and since I already have too much tinted moisturizer that I don’t use anyway — that new addition was a pass for me as well. I did, however, love the idea of the “Tzigane” Lipstick. I know I don’t need another nude… but eh, what a ya gonna do.

It’s supposed to be some kind of pinky brandy sheer combo. On me, it’s a pinkish nude:

I like it. It’s a keeper for me. Pass on the rest. But I feel like, if you just want ONE thing from this collection, the Tzigane lipstick might just be it.