Brows 101: A Pictorial

Boo Boo Ninja, this is for you.

I normally do my eyebrows ‘fourth’ – after foundation and color correction (blemishes and what not), and a light dusting of powder. Since I’m the oiliest girl on Earth, I have to set my foundation before I move onto the next step.

My tools:
1. A clean spoolie
2. A small stiff Angled Brush
3. Dark Peach color corrector (I use Bobbi Brown)
4. Brow Gel (Anastasia Espresso or Granite, depending on the look)
5. A cool matte brown eyeshadow

 Bare Eyebrow
I use the clean spoolie to brush the hairs upward.
 Using my finger, I apply a dot of Dark Peach Color Corrector…
 …and blend it in.
I lightly run the brow gel through the hairs. Gel causes the hairs to ‘lift’ off of the face, giving them more texture, volume, and dimension. That way, your brows don’t look ‘painted on.’
Using the stiff angled brush, I dust a tiny amount of eyeshadow ‘upward’ from the base of the brow, along the natural direction of the hairs. The powder just keeps the brows from looking ‘shiny’ and fills in any spots that the gel might have missed.
That’s it! I’m all about a natural looking brow. Now, I’ve been blessed with brows that grow all the way out. But even if I’m working with someone with a ‘half brow’ — I’ll use this basic technique. I’ll then go back in and ‘draw’ little hairs on the back end of the brow with a dark brown (not black) liquid liner and the tiniest brush head. Brows should frame the face, not be the focus of it (unless you’re specifically doing a strong brow look). Sometimes people go so overboard with brows that it’s all you can see, and the rest of the makeup ends up getting lost in translation. I believe it’s best to keep your brows looking ‘groomed’ but not overly done. That’s my philosophy anyway.
Hope this helped!