Tumeric Skin Cream: The original Beauty Balm?

Let’s go back… waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, to my childhood.

My mother has a distinct love for all things natural/ayurvedic/homeopathic. When we were kids, my mom made sure her little acne prone girls had plenty of Tumeric Skin Cream from the local meat market (which was more of a general store for all things Eastern). Her instruction and guidance is what led me to develop products for Habibi…

But I digress.

I haven’t used Tumeric Cream in … well, what seems like decades. I’ve since become distracted by tons of beauty products, beauty balms, serums, and mattifiers.

Fast forward to present day, when I asked my baby sister HOW she was getting her oily skin to stay so matte and fresh looking all day. She looked at me and simply said: Tumeric Cream.

So simple… so inexpensive… so awesome!

This little tube cost me $3.99. The packaging is a little different than what I remember, but inside it’s the same deliciously scented (full of sandalwood oil) stuff that kept my oily/acne prone skin under control all through high school and college…

I’ve been using it under my foundation as a primer… and I’m happy to report that it works like a CHARM. The foundation grabs it and stays put. I only blotted once today, which is really excellent for my oily skin. I’m still using my regular skin products for day and night. But for priming the skin, this is an inexpensive and effective way to keep my skin in perfect condition all day.