The Skin Regime: Week 9 (The Peel)

Hey Guys,

It’s time to update my progress on The Skin Regime Boot Camp, and reveal the peel I’ve been using to get the job done.
Initially, I was unable to talk specifically about the peel, under instructions from Skin Regime founder Dana Ramos. But I’m happy to report that she’s ready to have me shout it from the rooftops, because truly… the stuff works.

The 1-4-All Peel is an interesting concoction of several different types of acids, including glycolic, lactic and a pinch of TCA. It’s a ‘layering’ peel… which means that the more you layer it on, the stronger it becomes. It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to keep track of this when you apply the peel. This is not like a regular glycolic where you can go over the skin several times to ensure coverage. Once you touch a place on your face with it, that’s the first layer. Touch it again, and you’ve just applied a second layer. Let me put it like this: Two layers is considered strong. Any more layers, and you’ve basically got to have Teflon skin. To date, I have not done more than 2 layers. That’s my tolerance, and I’m not interested in any burns. Plus, my results have been nothing short of completely amazing.

I told you guys that as I progressed with the peel, I’d start taking pictures with less and less makeup… and eventually give you a shot of the ol’ mug with no foundation at all.
This is pretty close.
All I’m wearing on my actual SKIN is powder to take down the shine. NARS Reflecting Loose Powder to be exact. I do have on a teeny bit of eye color (MAC Seedy Pearl and Guerlain Brun Dore) and mascara (Volume de Chanel), Anastasia Brow Gel (because they were lookin’ the hell crazy) and lip gloss. But the skin is all me. No, really. You can clearly see a couple of imperfections along the jawline (my favorite breakout area), but that’s about it. That’s my skin. And let me tell you, I’ve NEVER had it look like that for longer than a few days because the planets were in alignment and my skin decided to act like it had some sense.
I mostly did this because I wanted to see what my face would look like with makeup… without foundation. Normally, I’d never skip some kind of base. I’m not a fan of ‘letting my skin show through’ because let’s be honest… I’ve not got the best skin. Who wants to let bad skin show through? So my foundations have always had some coverage, reflected light to cover imperfections, and I’ve never gone anywhere without my color corrector to hit the hot spots.
Not today.
This is a big deal for me. To have consistently well behaved skin (I get one or two pimples around that time of the month, but they disappear within 48-72 hours) is something that I’ve constantly strived for, but never been able to achieve. And when I tell you that I’ve used all manner of creams and lotions and potions (including a $975 cream that worked well for about a month, then quit), believe me. I use an excellent serum (that I make for myself) for both day and night, and I still use my personal cleanser (Habibi Oatmeal & Peppermint) and I never go to bed without using my Clarisonic. During the day I wear sunscreen (Sunday Riley) or CC Cream (Juice Beauty), which contains sunscreen and is 100% sheer. But that’s about it. I peel every 10 days to 2 weeks, depending on the mood my skin’s in. The peel takes me no longer than 5-8 minutes start to finish. That’s application, wait time, rinse, and moisturizer. I do it at night before bed, and wake up the next morning to insanely smooth… clear skin.
I love it.
I’m a fan for life. Ramos says once the regime is done, I can peel every few months or so, depending on my skin’s needs. And the thing that really cooks my noodle is the price. The peel is NOT expensive. It’s affordable, a little goes a very long way, and the results are worth sharing with every person you know who’s ever had to suffer from acne or other skin complaints.
There is no need for you to have bad skin. Ever.
You can find out more about the 1-4-All Peel HERE.

The Skin Regime: Week 6

Okay, I was all set to bring you more pictures of Week 6, and then I uploaded them and see that they’re totally out of focus! Boo! The forehead picture is fine, so I’ll post that one. You can at least get a general idea of my skin’s progression from that.

There are almost no marks on my forehead now. Everything has faded away (without lightening my overall skin tone), to become much more uniform. The same is true for the sides of my face. So far, so good.

I wore the Shiseido BB cream, with no color correctors and no powder, and it came out beautifully.

Okay, I’m really shiny. Maybe I should have put on a little powder. But I wanted to show that a sheer coverage bb cream looks just fine on me now. 6 weeks down… 6 weeks to go!

The Skin Regime: Week 3

 The Skin Regime is a 12 week process (at least it is for me) that consists of dumping EVERYTHING that no longer serves your face beyond cleansing, gentle exfoliating, and basic moisturizing.

During this ‘skin  boot camp’ — you use a series of glycolic acid peels (in varying strengths) to keep the cell turnover rate on your face at maximum levels.

I’m in Week 6… but I’m taking pictures every three weeks to show you my progress.

Week 3:

By week 3, I still have mild sensitivity and general irritation on my oily/acne prone skin. But all of my former black marks (scars) are now a manageable shade of brown. The scarring you see is the result of picking (I’ve actually gotten much better at it, as this regime leaves no real room for error).

This regime causes you to invest in sunscreen, a LOT of it. The Sunday Riley version is my hands down favorite. Without sunscreen, you run the risk of undoing all your hard work, because you will damage your skin and scar. I speak from experience. Also it’s not a good idea to ignore Dana Ramos’ instructions about picking. It’s just not. I picked, used the peel, and OMG THE PAIN!!! I opened up the side of my face with  such horrific scarring… literally I had an open wound on my face. It scabbed, turned black, and only with lots and lots and LOTS of TLC, have I managed to fade the mark to brown… and hopefully eventually get it to disappear altogether.

You’ll see that scar, when I put up the results of Week 6.

Following directions is a huge deal during this boot camp. The peels are PH balanced, so they don’t really tingle or burn when you put them on. This might lead you to believe that maybe the peel isn’t as strong, and that you should leave it on a little longer. DO NOT DO THIS. One peel, left on for 5 minutes instead of the recommended three, left me with additional scarring. It’s just not a good idea to do your own thing with this regime. Follow directions. It makes all the difference in the world.

Since my mishaps and mistakes, I’ve gotten the hang of this thing. I’m six weeks out from (attempting) taking a full face picture with no foundation on. My normally scar-ridden skin looks smoother and much more clear, and people keep asking me what I’m doing.

This program works. I’m living testimony of it. And I want to give one of you lucky beauties the chance to do it as well.. for free.

At the conclusion of my Skin Regime Boot Camp, Dana is giving away a free copy of the book and a peel to get you started!

I’ll announce the details of the giveaway soon!

*I’ll have you guys know that I wore a BB cream today, with sheer coverage (and no extra help with color correctors), and my skin looked flawless! Whoo hoo!*

The Skin Regime: Part 2

Okay, so I have been trying to figure out how to show you how well this stuff works. I was going to take a full face picture… but I know a thing or two about the internet. And I am NOT interested in googling something about skin care and finding my bare faced picture under ‘Really Bad Skin’ or something like that. So.. no.

I decided to take a picture of the most problem prone part of my face… right under my cheekbone, and along my right jawline. That is also, incidentally the side that I normally take pictures of anyway (my good angle), so it works. That area breaks out the worst, and the most often. And earlier this month… it was all red and annoyed to be damned.

This is what my skin looked like, the night that I did the peel:

Look at that… just horrid. It was soooooo annoyed and sensitive. I think this was the very end of the Glutathione experiment from November (I hear it can hang around for six months in your system). I couldn’t stop picking (I know… BAD), and I just scarred and stayed irritated for what seemed like forever. The darker marks are a result of my picking… and that ugly red thing is a fresh pimple. Gross.

This is what it looked like the next morning:

Already, my skin is a lot more calm. About 30% of those marks are gone…. and all of the redness and irritation is gone. That horrifying pimple… nearly completely dried out. And my skin FELT better. It was smooth, and bright. And here’s the best part… it kept getting better. You guys have seen my most recent FOTD’s… it’s been a week since I did the peel.

Now, you’re supposed to do one peel every couple of weeks … for a total of 12 weeks. I am going to start the ‘regime’ and take a full face picture… no foundation… when I’m done!

And that’s just the beginning…

When I complete the regime, I’ll host a Giveaway, so you guys can try The Skin Regime for yourselves!

Here’s to clear skin… FOREVER!