(Rock & Republic) Call Me vs. (NARS) Puerto Vallarta

Boo Boo Ninja, this is for you:

Rock & Republic Blush in Call Me is on the left… NARS Multiple in Puerto Vallarta is on the right. There is more gold (making it more peach and less pink) in Puerto Vallarta, and it’s about half a shade lighter.

NARS Multiple: 413 Bleecker

NARS has released the latest addition to the 413 Bleecker Collection: The Multiple.

The strong warm berry color will translate easily with Spring colors… and work its way well into Autumn without skipping a beat. Like most NARS Multiples, this formula is strong on color, and light on texture. It has an almost ‘gel’ like finish. Not greasy, and extremely easy to blend using just your fingers. You can also blend it with a brush without worrying about streaking or uneven color deposit.

You can find out more about NARS Multiple in 413 Bleecker HERE.