The Makeup Show LA (2013): Swatches!

Here are swatches of my goodies from The Makeup Show:

NARS Multiple in G-Spot:

NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Golshan (top) and Het Loo (bottom)

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger:

*remember that I tend to go very light with concealers. I tend to add a lot of light under my eyes and in the center of my face. I would not use this to conceal blemishes… for that I’d use a color corrector. Concealers, for me, are specifically about adding light to contrast contour.*

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in WT-00
The lady at Koh Gen Do uses this to bring ‘up’ any foundation color that’s too dark. It’s a heck of an adjuster. Because it’s technically a foundation, it blends extremely well with other foundations… and can also be used alone as a highlighter.
Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S106:
Ellis Faas Skin Veil in S107

Makeup Show LA (2013): The Exhibit Floor

Here’s the rest of the general ambiance at The Makeup Show. Like I said, I avoided shooting some of the regulars (INGLOT, Embroylisse, Velour Lashes, ect). But everyone was there…

I always enjoy the spectacle at these shows. This makeup was amazing in person. Every year, I’m impressed with the increasing level of talent and expertise. Bravo!

The Makeup Show LA (2013): Newbies NARS & Ellis Faas

Instead of taking pictures of the usual folks who are there every year, I decided to focus on the newbies. Ellis Faas showed up for the first time… and NARS! OMG NARS was there and the customers went NUTS. They offered a pro/show discount of 30% and it was enough to create a shopping frenzy…

The folks at Ellis Faas were ever so helpful and really cool. I haven’t seen the brand since Space NK pulled it a million years ago. I forgot how much I loved and missed this brand.

I forgot how expensive it was too. LOL $95 foundations are nothing to sneeze at. Although, they did offer a show discount that cut the price nearly in half. And fabulously, they are now offering the foundations in a traditional pump bottle! It was quite enough to get my attention.

The rest of The Makeup Show spectacle is coming in later posts… including the Haul (ya’ll know I don’t play about Hakuhodo).

Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA (2012): The Haul

Hey Guys!

Here’s what I ended up hauling from The Makeup Show. I went in with a (mental) list and a budget, and even ‘pre-ordered’ my Hakuhodo Brushes, because they don’t bring everything to the shows. So I knew exactly what I wanted when I went in. I also  managed to score a few ‘unexpected’ gems.

Kevyn Auctoin Radiant Diaphanous Powder (2), and one sculpting powder in Medium
Anastasia Lipgloss in Bellini, Brow Gels in Espresso and Granite (backups), and Lash Genius (makes any mascara waterproof)
OCC Liptars in Pennyroyal and Belladonna
3 Varities of Velour Mink Lashes:
Complete Me
Naughty Me
They’re Real?
Naughty Me
Inglot Body Pigment in #189
Shimmer Nude Loose Powder (for Brown Beauties)
Cinema Secrets Travel Brush Cleaner Spray
Senna Pro Palettes:
Neutral Mattes
Vivid Shimmers
These things are HUGE, about 13 inches across and 7 inches high. The palette is magnetic and the pots are transferrable. I always forget about this brand, and then I try it and fall in love all over again. I’m on this quest to ‘consolidate’ my kit. This is a great step in that direction.
And finally:
Kokutan Brushes from Hakuhodo. I planned for this. It’s time to seriously upgrade my brush collection (many of my brushes are nearly 20 years old), and I’ve wanted to do this for some time. I’ve been saving for Hakuhodo since… seems like forever. 
The amount of work and care that goes into these brushes is simply unmatched. They are truly amazing. I got the Kokutan Series first… I plan to get the S-Series later this year. They’ll only come out for my regulars… I have a loyal client roster (that pays early and often… love that) that I see year after year. I think it’s time that I treated them to the ultimate brush experience. I’ll also use them for brides and ‘really’ special occasions. But for editorial/runway and what not, these have to stay at home. I don’t want to risk tearing them up in the frenzy of those kinds of jobs.
That’s my haul! Hope you guys enjoyed… Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA 2012: In Pictures

Whew… I’m finally back home! Up at 5am… at the show by 9… out much later than I intended. I’m pretty sure that my feet will file for legal separation from the rest of my body. They hurt SO bad. I wore the wrong footwear. SMH.

I had a blast though… and am happy about the ultimate Hakuhodo Haul… more on that later. First: here is the show… in pictures:

The new Goat/Synthetic foundation brushes from Hakuhodo. I ALMOST got one, but Bianca (MUA) wouldn’t let me. Boo!

Getting lash extensions.
Cruelty Free Mink Lashes. LOVE!
Amazing work, right? This is the same artist that I worked with on the Issa Rae Zombie Music Video. She’s EXTREMELY talented… I was blown away by this… her skin actually looked like WOOD. Awesome. She also did this picture:
Loved these looks:
Bianca and Kim Greene
That’s all folks! I enjoyed  myself. I ran into Edwin (formerly of NARS, now of Malin & Goetz), and Alex (MAC Makeup Artist)… stayed too long… wore the wrong boots (my feet were on FIRE! 7 hours standing… omg)… bought too much (as usual)… but I had a REALLY good time! We’ll do it again next year. Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA: Haul & Swatches

Yes yes, I know. I promised to just LOOK and not touch! But I couldn’t help it… some of the stuff is LOVELY. I didn’t do too much damage. I just got a few things that are not yet widely available, and that I can get the deepest discounts on only at the show.

Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer and Big Powder Brush.

From right to left: Chantecaille Face Powder in Shadow, Chantecaille Aqua Blush in Daring, Make Up For Ever Uplight in #33, OCC shimmer pigment in Hum (top), OCC Shimmer Pigment in Distortion (bottom).

Kevyn Aucoin Bronzer. LOVE! Finally, a bronzer dark enough (and with less shimmer and more pigment) to actually countour around the outside of the face for medium and darker skin tones. ‘Bout time! Normally, most bronzers are either too shimmery, too light, or too muddy to get the job done properly. I love this brand all over again.

Chantecaille Aqua Blush in Daring. This is good stuff. I swatched it heavy so you guys can see the color. It’s a perfect coral peach, and blends down beautifully:

Make Up For Ever Uplight in 33. It’s a highlighter for regular use, But I can see this mixed with a bronzer, to boost a foundation, an eyeshadow, or even a lip color. It’s gorgeous, and blends down beautifully:

OCC Pigment in Distortion. It’s photographing blue, but it’s shot through with teal and a bit of black. It’s gorgeous. It reminds me of MAC Plummage IN the pot (because when you pull Plummage out of the pot it goes black and muddy).

OCC Pigment in Hum (left). I had the hardest time photographing this pigment. BOO! It’s a peach-orange shot through with a fuchsia. Really lovely. In addition to an eyeshadow, this would make a fantastic highlight and a layer in a lip color.

That’s it! It’s a little haul, but remember… I wasn’t supposed to get ANYTHING this time around. lol Ciao for now!

The Makeup Show LA: Pro Education From David Hernandez

I went to one of the pro classes this time. David Hernandez stressed the importance of thinking outside any conventional ‘product’ and thinking and behaving like an artist:

Good class. He used unconventional products to make this face… even talked about making EVERYTHING from scratch, including foundations. I loved it. I’m going to get some pure pigment to deal with this Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua so I can wear it and not destroy the formula. Viva la Make Up For Ever!!! I learned a lot. Thanks David!