We thought it would be fun to share what some of our top customers have had to say… in particular about our bestselling Body Balm.

We’re pretty proud of ALL of our products. But the Body Balm is our Crown Jewel.

We can confidently say, there’s nothing quite like it. The reason is, Habibi Body Balm is derived from a family recipe. The ingredients, order of blending, and the final result are directly related to my mother’s ‘salve’ concoction. She used to make it to heal cuts and bruises, soothe dry/chapped skin, and heal our bodies over time. Our Body Balm has a ‘cumulative’ affect; the more you use it, the better condition your skin will be in.

Onto the testimonials:

“Habibody has replaced all of my other bath products.  I love that the products are all natural, and make my skin look, feel and smell so good!  The Body Balm is my favorite product.  I am a customer for life!”
-Robyn G.
Dallas, TX

“Love love LOVE Habibi body butter! Thanks for keeping me soft and smooth!”
M. Leavy
Rock Hill, SC

“My skin will never be the same.”
A. Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

“Habibi has spoiled me for other products. I’ve never been this soft.”
K. Carey
Cincinatti, OH

“The oatmeal & peppermint scrub is the first kind I’ve ever used that keeps my skin clear. Habibi, you’ve got a fan for life!”
A. Rasheed
Charlotte, NC

“I had eczema…bad.  All over my chest and back.  After less than a month’s treatment with Habibi’s body butter, the eczema, disappeared. ” 
S. Fitzgerald
Hollywood, CA

“My customers say that no other skin care system…except Habibi has helped with pores reduction around the nose and chin area… My Customers Love Habibi!”
Nashville, TN

And that’s just a few.
We’re extremely loyal to our customer base, and we deeply appreciate their loyalty as well. It’s our goal to make good products that consistently perform… and make our clients feel good about using them. We believe that if you feel good… you look good.
And really, what’s better than that?