Lashing Out: Terrybly

Yes that’s a deliberate play on words. I REALLY wanted to like this mascara, because I love so many items from this brand. But when I tell you that Maybelline Falsies mascara is better than the By Terry version, believe it:

Pretty tube! And it promises to boost lash growth (or something like that) with every application. You know my favorite thing about this brand is that many of the products double as skin care. But if it means that my lashes have to look like this:

…then I don’t really care what else it does. That’s three coats. I also don’t like that my lashes felt ‘crunchy’ after the mascara set. I bought it because I’d heard that it’s on par with Armani Eyes To Kill mascara (still my #1 favorite). It’s not. It’s not even better than YSL Faux Cils (my #2 favorite).

It’s an OKAY mascara with a ridiculous price tag. Too much $$ for such little payoff.

By Terry did ‘Terrybly’ with this mascara, in more ways than one.

Lip Service: By Terry

Since we’re on the trend of highly expensive products, let’s take another look at products By Terry. By now, you guys have probably figured that I’m a huge fan. But I will only buy products from the brand that I think I can’t get anywhere else. For example, I’m not a fan of her blushes and powder eyeshadows. All of them are dupeable, and too expensive for me to consider.
But I’ve now ventured into her Terrybly Lipstick Line:

These are supposed to be loads better than her original lipstick line (which I haven’t tried) and are touted as chock full of fabulous anti aging ingredients.

From the left: Cherry Cherry (from the new Valentine’s Day line), Frenetic Vermilion, and Fashion Beige.

Cherry Cherry is Fuchsia, Frenetic Vermilion is Orange-Red, and Fashion Beige is my perfect nude.

Cherry Cherry
Frenetic Vermilion
Fashion Beige
I’m completely in love with these lipsticks. They have the slip of YSL’s Rouge Volupte lippies (anyone who’s tried those know exactly what I’m talking about). They instantly moisturize your lips as soon as you put them on. In fact, I kind of feel like, the drier your lips are the better the color will grab and stay put.
I think these are comparable to the YSL lippies in performance… but they ARE  a bit more expensive. YSL is about $34, By Terry is $42.50. If you’re just wanting to get one, get one. But if you want about the same color range (Frenetic Vermilion reminds me of Muse Red), then stick to the price point that’s most comfortable for you.
I’m addicted to By Terry because I love the fact that many of her  makeup items double as skin care. But I would be negligent, if I didn’t warn that the price point for this makeup line is high. That’s why I’m not interested in the items that I feel I can get from another brand (aforementioned blushes and powder shadows) at a lower price with comparable performance.

I adore these lippies. I recommend them if you don’t mind the price. If you do, stick with  YSL… I feel like it’s essentially the same product. I’ve mentioned before, Terry (for whom the brand is named) used to work for YSL… so there’s bound to be some crossover.