Peeling and What Not

Hey y’all.

I was watching My Invisible Chrysalis (CONGRATS on the Baby Michelle!) about her pregnancy acne and how she’s decided to stay away from peeling because bad memories… and I don’t blame her.

You guys should see her TCA Peel video. OMG. When she talks about turning purple… Y’ALL! I don’t even turn pink, and the peels that I get self-neutralize. She had to disable comments because people are so ignorant, but there are some things that are not true in the video (which is why you have to consult a professional). Her results are not normal for people of color. Her results are normal for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

But she’s a massive DIYer so it’s no surprise that she dove head first into something that should really only be handled by professionals. When I first started experimenting with peels, the first thing I researched was ph, what kinds of acids do what, and how to properly deal with your skin pre, during, and post peel. I also consulted a professional. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do some truly ignorant mess in the meantime… so let me just clear that up right now.

As I am in the middle of a routine peel right now, it’s kind of at the front of my lobe. I’m on day 3 and nearly done. I have some minor peeling on my forehead, along my jawline, on peelingmy chin and across my nose. I should be good to go (and cleared for that brow situation) by the end of the week.

I’ve been known to do some heinous mess to my face. Battling acne since puberty will cause you to make some choices that people with naturally great skin couldn’t even fathom. But even with dotting a 70% glycolic acid solution on a stubborn spot (NOT RECOMMENDED), I’ve never ended up looking like someone who thought they were Danerys Stormborn. Chile. When Jennifer got hold of my face, she educated me even further about peels and ph levels and upgraded what I already knew and… well… you guys see my face.

Peels work when done by a professional or with a WHOLE LOT of professional guidance. But all you have to do is google ‘chemical peel burns’ to know that it takes a split second for things to go horribly wrong, and sometimes people can’t come back from that scarring. We live in a digital space where everyone thinks they know everything, and will fight years of SCIENCE because Instagram got them thinking they are a superstar. And with unethical websites offering chemicals that shouldn’t be handled by Dick and Jane… EVER… it makes you pause.

I will get routine peels until they no longer serve me. But trust me when I tell you that I completely understand when someone shuts it all the way down.

You saw my girl’s pictures. I would have shut it down too.