Oh Sonia!

A trip to Target yielded the loveliest surprise: False Lashes from Sonia Kashuk!
I haven’t paid much attention to the brand; I understand some of her products are actually very good. I knew she did basic makeup and brushes. But false lashes? I couldn’t imagine…
Okay, so we know that all lashes aren’t created equal. And more expensive doesn’t mean better. I decided to buy a pair, to see how they perform:

The spine on the lashes is rather thick, but it’s not a problem. It doesn’t get in the way of performance. You can apply these plain (like I did for the purposes of this blog) without absolutely having to apply a liner. 

They are REALLY idiot-proof. The lashes come with glue, which takes about 2 seconds to set. Not kidding. It dries clear (like standard lash glue) in about 30 seconds. I really like these lashes.

 I only bought one pair, because I didn’t want get a bunch and then be disappointed. But I can tell you that these perform better than their more expensive counterparts. I’m fairly certain that these lashes will become a kit staple.
Sonia Kashuk… who knew?