Tales From The Set: Hat = Art w/ Alakazia

I spent the day shooting the Spring 2013 line for couture hat designer Alakazia. I know that whenever I shoot with him, I need to be prepared to put in the hours. He works hard, and he’s not into slacking on the set. I love that. He keeps us well fed and entertained, but we definitely challenge ourselves to get as much done as we possibly can.

I snuck a few shots in between the photographer’s shots. Alakazia wanted a lot of the makeup fresh… but really polished (not sheer), so I did my best to fulfill his wishes. We changed hats, lip colors, looks, and lashes more than a few times… but I thought the result was absolutely beautiful.

Shots from my makeup chair:

The magic hands of Nicole (hair stylist) touching up the model’s hair.

And this is why I say Hat = Art:

Absolutely amazing. I had a wonderful time. I got to see some of the photographer’s much more professional shots, and they look gorgeous. When I get to see the final pictures, I’ll post them here. Ciao for now!