My Sustainable Journey: Nvey Eco Creative Eye Color System

Okay… I’m impressed.

Nvey has managed to bring a selection of eyeshadow colors that are highly pigmented, last a ridiculously long time, and are good for you to boot!

This is what they say:
Soothing Chamomile and antioxidants Vitamin C, E & A, make for a smooth and soft formula excellent for dry and sensitive skins. A natural base of Corn Silk and Jojoba Oil adds depth of color, ease of application and long wearing ability. 

The shadows feel great going on, glide on with minimal fallout, and stay put… even on these oily lids.

The shadow come in palettes of five colors each, duos, and singles. Here are the 5-color palettes, which are identified only by number:

Palette #1

Palette #2
Palette #3

Palette #4
Palette #5
I thought I’d found favorites in palettes #1 and #3… but I used #2 today and changed my mind. They’re all good. You can find these palettes, and the rest of the Nvey Eco Color system at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

*pr sample

My Sustainable Journey: Alima Pigment Eyeshadows

The lovely ladies at Spirit Beauty Lounge introduced me to a new line of organic makeup from Alima. This is my first introduction to the brand, which has a pretty extensive makeup line. There are 21 Eyeshadow Pigments (which are actually called Alima Pure Pearluster EyeshadowAlima Pure Satin Matte Eyeshadow, and Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow) which is what I ended up with:

I found them all to be highly pigmented, easy to blend, and fabulously soft…


And what’s even more attractive about these pigments is the price. They retail for about $11 bucks a pop. I like them. You can learn more about Alima Eyeshadow Pigments (and the rest of the line) at Spirit Beauty Lounge.

My Sustainable Journey: Vapour Organics Eye Color

My latest batch of goodies arrived from Spirit Beauty Lounge (love that place!): Vapour Organics Mesmerize Eye Shadows…

 I have to say, I like these better than the RMS Beauty variety. They come in a convenient twist tube, and the colors are ‘drier’ on application, and less oil-based. I found that they blend out very well with fingers or a brush.

Smitten (clay)
Stealth (dark shimmer green)
Night (dark shimmer blue)
Charm (matte coral)
Cinder (shimmer pink-beige)
Lyric (shimmer medium purple)
Flash (matte light brown)
Dream (shimmer light green)
Smolder (shimmer dark brown)
Storm (shimmer dark grey)
Sugar (shimmer golden pink)
Swatches to come.. as soon as I figure out how to photograph them. My camera is NOT cooperating… boo! I seriously need a new one. I’m working on it. In the meantime, if you’re interested, you can find these babies at . Ciao for now!

Product Review: Kjaer Weis

I’ve done this before… sort of. I first came across Kjaer Weis last year, during my sustainable journey to find and use more organic and plant based makeup. Kjaer Weis caught my eye, but in the end I was undone by the high price point. I’m also not the biggest fan of the cheek tints (found them lacking in color payoff and practicality) and never really looked close enough at the lip tints.

Note that this is a ‘refillable’ makeup system… which ought to, in part, justify the price point. But I have to be honest… I use A LOT of makeup, and it still takes me about 2 years to properly get through the average eyeshadow. So if I’m only refilling every couple of ‘years’ – the fact that it’s refillable is not that attractive to me. I do understand the eco-friendliness of it (the less packaging you have to purchase the better), and that’s a testament to the fact that this brand was thoroughly developed. Kudos to Kjaer Weis in that respect.

You can find my initial review here:

Recently I started playing with my eyeshadows, fell in love again, and decided to email the company and see about the rest of it.

This is what they sent me:

On the left is the eyeshadow in Wisdom (shimmer taupe) and on the right is the lip tint in Sensuous Plum.

I still love the packaging. It’s weighted and beautiful… like a keepsake. I love that the packaging is refillable… which helps a bit (but not much) with the price. I still feel like the shadows are so small… though on the up side you don’t need very much to get the job done. They’re not as offensively small as yaby (those things are just nerve-wracking) but for 45.00 a pop… I’m just saying.


I’ll get plenty of use out of the eyeshadow… it’s just as silky as my other two (Onyx and Cloud Nine). Wisdom is not as versatile as the other two (I can see it going ashy on darker skintones), but it’s still really lovely.

The liptint is surprising. I expected it to be ‘greasy’ because of the way it appears in the pot. I thought it would be sheer too. It’s neither. It’s a nice soft ‘tint’ that wears nicely, like a gentle lip gloss. There’s no sheerness factor this color either… it’s actually semi-opaque.

What I don’t like about the tint is that it’s really impractical. When I applied it, it got pretty messy (I had to clean the container afterwards). It’s also not very sanitary. If I use it on clients, even with a brush, I’m going to have to spray it every single time (hello, Beauty So Clean!). It might be worth it. We’ll see how it translates in practical application.

It’s still a lovely brand… and it’s still expensive. I’m sure most of what you’re paying for is packaging because that part of it is simply divine. My favorites are still the eyeshadows. I love those. The Liptint… well, the jury is still out.

You can find all Kjaer Weis products at or

My Sustainable Journey: Neutralize w/ Kjaer Weis

They’re getting better and better… these organic and natural makeup lines. The most recent line to hit my radar is Kjaer Weis (say it with me: KAY-yer Wice [like mice]). The idea is to put sustainable, effective product into high end packaging and market it as a luxury brand.

Kjaer Weis is certified organic… meaning that 95% of the ingredients are organic. It also contains no harsh chemicals and parabens. It comes in an AMAZING package with the weight and feel of steel:

That’s the eyeshadow in Cloud Nine, which is a sheer gold color.
Notice the size of the shadow. These items are NOT very big. They’re not as small as yaby but they’re not as big as MAC. Somewhere in between… I think. But what they lack in size, they make up for in delivery. The colors are pigmented, soft, and blend with amazing efficiency. They also last all day. I used Cloud Nine and Onyx (a soft grey/black) together…

Now, the good news is… these eyeshadows are awesome. The bad news is, the eyeshadows are the ONLY part of this makeup line that is awesome. I find the creme blushes to be sticky and sheer, and the lip glosses to be mediocre in color payoff and texture.

And the bad news doesn’t stop there. The color selection is pedestrian. Onyx and Cloud Nine are the most interesting shades in the shadows. The third is an ashy taupe and the fourth is a matte brown… because apparently, there aren’t enough matte brown eyeshadows in the makeup universe.

The price point is also pretty high. The shadows retail for $44 a pop. That’s nothing to sneeze at, considering their size and color selection.

So here’s the deal: Kjaer Weis is awesome and cool if you’ve got $$$ to burn. But if you don’t, and you’re not married to awesome packaging or sustainable ingredients… you can certainly find something of comparable quality for much less money.

I like the line for what it is… and I admire what the brand is trying to do. But I have to say, if you’re going to go this route with ingredients and high end packaging and price… you’re going to need a ‘wow’ factor. At the very least, give us some colors that are so unique, that we’d be hard pressed to find a dupe… anywhere on the planet.

My Sustainable Journey: Flawless as a… Wild Rose?

The brand Korres prides itself on harnessing the power of nature to make us look our very best, without the side effects of harsh chemicals and preservatives. What began as a skin care line for the face and body, has since blossomed into a makeup line that promises to be as responsible as it is effective.
I’ve used the eyeshadows before (small, but lovely), but have never really given the foundation much of my time before now:
The Wild Rose foundation promises easy application and a flawless finish with sheer to medium coverage. It also contains an SPF 20, for added protection from the sun. My shade is WRF7. For comparison, I’m NC43 in MAC foundations.

The bottle is not that big… just a little over an ounce. That’s not much product for a $30 price tag. The good news is, you don’t need much of this foundation to cover any given face.

More bad news: this bottle comes with no pump. That means it has the potential to be messy and (for professionals) unsanitary. But this foundation redeems itself in the finish…

This is my very oily skin with just the foundation, applied with my fingers. No setting powder, no color correctors, no concealer. As a base product, it’s impressive. And I’m sure the finish is even better with a brush or sponge. It blended quickly and set softly. 
Another angle:

I’m interested in testing the boundaries of this foundation on a personal and professional level. If it stands up to its luxury counterparts, I can see making it a staple in my foundation rotation. BUT it would be nice to have a more sanitary means of dispensing the product. A bigger bottle wouldn’t hurt either. I’m just saying.