First Impressions: Louise Young Super Foundation Brush

Okay… let’s try this again.

You guys know that I plunked down a nice chuck of cash for the Louise Young Essential Eye Palette, and despite my best efforts… I get quite a bit of  use out of it. I still think that $60 is too much for what amounts to a palette of basics, but I do use it. So I guess I can’t complain. You  can find my initial review of the brand here:

I’ve decided that Louise Young is like Cole Haan: really freakin’ expensive for what ends up being a mediocre looking but well performing product. It’s for the folks who are into performance over presentation… you know, like folks who *raising hand* drive a Pruis.

That theory led me to plunk down another nice chunk of cash ($50) for the Louise Young Super Foundation Brush:

Talk about lack of presentation, this brush arrived in the most nondescript packaging… tucked in a plastic bag with a card that read ‘with compliments.’

Crap packaging aside, look at that brush! It’s magnificent. The size of the brush head is what got my attention… it’s HUGE.  I’ve never seen a brush like it (which is why I bought it). I’ve never seen a foundation brush with this shape, cut, or with nearly so many fibers. And I’m happy to report that it looks exactly like it does online (so often, products are misrepresented online).

The head of this brush is totally round… love that. There are a LOT of fibers packed into the brush head. It’s dense, and layered, and very soft.

I will use it in practical application in the coming days. So far so good. If first impressions are everything, then it looks like I got my money’s worth.