Guerlain: Sun In The City Illuminating Powder

I’m a little late to the party on this. I didn’t initially jump for joy when I first heard of the new ‘Sun in The City’ Illuminating Powder from Guerlain, because really… do I need another highlighter?

But then I saw it in person:

There’s really no way to describe this thing and do it justice. But here goes…

It’s DISTINCTLY dark yellow-gold (fair skinned beauties, it may go yellow on you), and features the Guerlain logo and a specific wave pattern in the powder. It’s nearly a shame to swatch it. It’s that beautiful.

Like the Mosaic Bronzer, this thing is HUGE. There’s plenty of product in there, making it worth the $70 asking price.

This is a swatch with just my index finger… one swipe:

I touched just the very corner of the pan to get this swatch. I blended it out easily with my fingers. It leaves a distinct golden shimmer on the skin. I absolutely love it… it’s stunning. So if you want it, and can swing the $70, I say go for it. It’s definitely a treasure in its own right.

You can find out more about Guerlain’s ‘Sun In The City’ HERE.