EOTN: Armani Mediterranean Palette

For date night, I opted for a soft bronzy eye courtesy of the Armani Mediterranean Palette:

Armani Mediterranean Palette:
Gold on lids
Pink from crease to browbone
Brown in crease
Armani Eyes To Kill Silk Eyeshadow in #13 on waterline
Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner on lashline
Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara

Lip Service: By Terry Aqua Tint

Edwin (Space NK Diva) is a helluva salesperson. That’s all I will say about that. There is no reason in the WORLD why I needed the By Terry Aqua Lip Tint… but somehow it came home with me!

Oh, did I mention that I also got the Aqua Lip Topcoat? Like I said, Edwin is a helluva sales person.

The thing about this pair is… OMG, they work! I have very pigmented lips, and tints typically look a mess on me because one lip is more pigmented than the other. Blame genetics. But this stuff…. oh, this stuff does away with such worries because it tints everything evenly!

The applicator is completely saturated with product… no need to double dip. There’s enough product in this little sponge tip to take care of everything. The other fabulous thing… and likely the best part… is that like all By Terry products, this lovely stain doubles as skin care. It’s infused with botanicals (roses, anyone?) to help make your lips all healthy and what not. Now, despite all that botanical goodness, this stain (like all stains) is drying as hell. So, you put the Topcoat over it… and you end up with this:

Just… WOW. And it tints a lovely rose (not that red that it looks like in the tube). It’s quite luxurious. LOVE! By Terry can be such a splurge, but the performance of these products prove that it’s well worth it.

The good news is, these items won’t set you back TOO much. The tint and the topcoat are $30 each. Okay, still not cheap. But not too expensive either. It’s a nice little luxury for your lips… just in time for Summer.

You can get By Terry’s Aqua Lip Tint and Top Coat at Space NK (www.spacenk.com), or Bloomingdales (www.bloomingdales.com)

Summer Essentials Giveaway: The Winner Is…


You won:
Iman Essentials Palette in Cote d’Azur
Rodial Glam Balm Wipes
Chanel Extrait Lipgloss in Insouciance (nude)
MAC Marine Life Blush Highlighter
Guerlain Shimmer Bronze Oil
MAC Shimmer Bronze Oil
Iman Essential Palette in St. Tropez

ummimouse29, I’ve sent an email to you… and you have 48 hours to respond with your mailing address. If I don’t hear from you within that time frame, I will have to pick another winner. Congratulations again!

Flawless Finish: Hourglass Veil Foundation

Foundation Type: Liquid
Skin Type: Normal to Oily
Coverage: Sheer to Medium

I’ve been looking for a good tinted moisturizer that is oil free and does good things for my skin at the same time. I love the idea of the Laura Mercier version, but hate… read it… HATE the way it smells. It reminds me of what a Barbie doll smells like when you first remove it from the packaging. Like fresh rubber. Gross. Not something that I want on my skin.

Some time ago, Ki (Fabulous Makeup Artist) asked me why I hadn’t looked at Hourglass. Well, the truth is I didn’t really have an answer. It just wasnt on my radar. I’ve actually only ever purchased a lipgloss from the brand. But I went back and took a closer look at the rest of the line, and I’m very impressed by what I saw.

This is what came home with me: the Veil Fluid Makeup in 06 (Sable). It is an oil free foundation, with sheer to medium coverage. It claims to do fabulous things like tighten the skin, improve skin’s texture, and diminsh fine lines and wrinkles.
I tried it on in the store and FELL IN LOVE. It’s like my skin, but much much better. I like it as much as I like Chantecaille’s Future Skin — but this one has the added benefit of being packaged properly and in much more sanitary fashion.

I absolutely love this packaging. It’s got a great weight and feel to it. You need just one pump of foundation for sheer coverage… two for medium coverage. This is what the foundation looks like:

That’s not just the flash reflecting in the foundation finish. It appears to contain light diffusers (glass beads is listed among the ingredients. I’m not kidding. GLASS BEADS), although that’s hardly obvious when you put it on your face. It just looks like skin… really great skin.

The downside to this foundation is the limited shade range. It doesn’t go too light, or too dark. If you’re medium to medium/olive – this is a great foundation for  you. Otherwise, you’ll have to add correctors or helpers to make it work, and that just makes the effort a waste of money.

While we’re on the subject of money… prepare to spend $60 on this foundation. It’s not cheap. For your  money, you get one fluid ounce of product. Because you need so little to get the job done, I’d say it’s worth it if you’ve got fairly blemish free skin. If you want more coverage, skip this foundation. But if you want a lovely finish for summer that doesn’t look too ‘made up’ — I think Hourglass Veil Foundation is the way to go.

MAC Surf Baby: Summer Stash

It’s taken me forever to decide to purchase and review the pigments from the MAC’s Surf Baby collection. For one thing, the casing is totally impractical. And the pigments aren’t traditional… they’re ‘wet’ so they take a bit of practice to apply. But after a lot of back and forth I finally purchased Summer Stash and Surf The Ocean. The latter has to be replaced… the casing was cracked and pigment had spilled all over the box. MAC is supposed to be replacing it. 2-3 business days or some such.

Anyway, onto Summer Stash:

      Pearl                        Pink
         Peachy                  Old Wine

This is my favorite of the two stacks. Surf the Ocean is nice, but I feel like Summer Stash is richer in tone and texture. I particularly LOVE Old Wine, which I wore in my latest FOTD.


I just went back to the MAC website and it looks like these pigment stacks are sold out AGAIN.They keep coming and going. Hopefully, they’ll be able to replace my Surf The Ocean stack by next week. When they do, I’ll swatch it then. Ciao for now!

By Terry: Summer 2011

Soliel Terrybly
(bronzer/tinted moisturizer)
Blush Terrybly
Beach Bomb
Aqua Liptint

The Summer 2011 collection from By Terry is about as luxurious as they come… with all pieces from the collection doubling as skincare. The bronzer acts as a hydrator and color corrector, the blush promises to give the skin ‘radiance’ and deposit essential moisture to replump the cheecks, and the aqua lip tint promises to hydrate and soothe lips with a healing blend of rose extracts and botanicals.

And this collection is as expensive as it is luxurious… the radiance blush in Beach Bomb is $70. I took a look at it last night, and as Amanda rang me up, I saw her eyes widen in shock. lol But, due to a MASSIVE incentive from Space NK, I paid a mere fraction of that price. Despite its extreme price tag, the blush is the most noteworthy piece of the collection. I have more bronzers than I’ll ever use in a lifetime, and I almost bought the tint (after getting my Space NK discount), but decided against it at the last minute. It didn’t help that a former employee pulled all the stock out of the boxes (thinking they were testers) and tossed the packaging! I wasn’t too keen on just buying an exposed tube of product.

Anyway, back to the blush…

 Now, I tried taking this picture with flash, but the product casing would NOT cooperate! It’s such a shiny silver, that it kicks the flash back and blows out the picture. No amount of lighting adjustment would fix it. So this particular picture is a bit ‘dark.’ Not to worry, I got shots of the product inside, which more than make up for this little technicality.

Look at that! Is that not the most amazing coral blush? And despite its rather bright hue, it goes on very soft. I wore it today, and was amazed by how soft it went on.

The quilted pattern on this blush is just amazing. I was so worried about ruining it, that I didn’t swatch it right away. But after using it today, I realized that you have to do a LOT of swatching before the pattern is disturbed. So, swatches are coming… I promise!

Lip Service: Rouge d’ Armani in Pink 520

Armani released six new colors to the Rouge d’Armani lipstick collection. They’re ‘summer themed’ — which means mostly pinks. Only one really caught my eye… the lipstick in Pink 520:

Like the other lipsticks in this collection, the formula is creamy and moisturizing, and Armani comes closer to making good on that ‘8 hour wear’ claim. These lipsticks last a LONG time on the lips, and they fade evenly so you don’t end up with a nasty ring around your mouth.


Lip Service: Armani Summer 2011 (cont.)

I finally picked up the two glosses from that pre-sale (which I actually abandoned, then rev-visited).
From the left: Plum 600 and Pink 505
Like the others, these glosses are non sticky and wear beautifully. I did road test the nude for 8 hour wear, and I’m afraid these glosses fall short of that claim. They wear for about 4 hours before you need to freshen them up.
Plum 600
Pink 505
Love these. Along with the red and the nude, these are my favorites from the lip gloss collection. Armani features an incredible color range in these glosses, so there’s something for everyone.

Giorgio Armani Summer 2011: Sheer Bronzer #2


Call it the ungettable get… Armani’s new Sheer Bronzer in #2 is not available at conventional stores (Neimans, Bloomies and Nordstrom are only carrying #1 and #5), and it’s out of stock on the website.

By chance, I called the boutique in Las Vegas… and they had one!

It arrived today, and was totally worth the wait:

If #1 is a brownish rose (I posted pictures here: http://shahadakarim.blogspot.com/2011/06/browsing-summer-2011.html, and #5 is a bright golden coral, #2 is a distinct mauve-gold shimmer…

It’s not a bronzer, unless you know someone who bronzes mauve-gold. It’s definitely a blush. I even played with it as an eyeshadow, and it totally works. Love it!

I pick up #1 next week… as part of a pre-sale. I think I may get #5 as well. For now, I am quite happy with #2. It’s gorgeous!

YSL Summer 2011: Audacious Orange

The new cream blush from YSL Summer 2011 collection is hands down my favorite piece. I like one of the eyeshadow duos and one of the lipsticks, but for me… the blush in Audacious Orange is a MUST HAVE:

Despite the massively bright hue in the pot, the color is actually quite wearable. You can put it on sheer for a coral ‘flush’ or build it for a more expressive orange…

I love the new YSL cream blushes because they aren’t really a traditional ‘cream’ — meaning they don’t go on wet. They remind me of the NARS cream blushes, with maybe a bit more staying power and compatibility with powder formulas. You can put this blush over your foundation, and even a set powder, without disturbing the finish. They blend out easily with your fingers or a brush.

This is a good blush. If you like oranges, you might want to pick this little beauty up.