Beauty Breakdown: Soft Nude

I got my special request ‘beauty’ shot from a photographer from my last shoot:

Bobbi Brown Foundation in Ivory
Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Porcelain Bisque (under eyes)
Bobby Brown Concealer in Porcelain (under eyes/around mouth)
MAC Blush in Peaches
Bobbi Brown Stonewashed Nudes Palette:
Navajo (lashline to brow)
Ash (lashline/waterline)
Rock (crease)
Naimies False Lashes
Chanel Lipstick in Patchouli (used as a liner)
Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Peche

When the photographer first set the model up for shooting, I begged him to take a ‘commercial’ beauty shot for me. He was kind enough to comply. On most jobs, you just do what the photographer or beauty director asks. Unless you’re doing a straight TFP (trade for pictures/no monetary compensation), you have little to no control over the kind of photography that’ll take place. But if you make nice with the photographer, sometimes you get to have your way.

Photoshoot: Behind the scenes

I did a shoot at Studio OC on Sunday. 9 hours on my feet!!!! Omg. And only four models (I did two), so you’d think I would have had time to sit down. NOT. But it was fun… I had a really good time!

That’s Brianna, the other makeup artist. Love her!!! She did a phenomenal job on her models. When the photographers release the pictures, I’ll see if she’ll let me post some of her stuff.

The very top section of one of my kits.
The middle section of my other kit. Yes, I know I should have more palettes and less pots. I like the little pots! They take up so much room though. I’m trying to do better!
That’s Brianna’s Iwata Airbrush Compressor. She’s convinced me that I MUST have one. I’m thinking she may be right. Baby steps…
An eye in progress.
Finished face and hair.
2nd Look… finished face and hair. They wanted ‘guess model’ so that’s what I tried to give them.
Second Model goofing around with the hairstylist (David). She would NOT take a serious picture for me! Lol Everytime she saw me pointing the camara in her direction… she made a crazy face.
I finally had to catch her during the actual shoot:
No, it’s not as racy as the photo suggests. She’s wearing a strapless top.
Second look was darker eyes and a purple lip. I wanted to add fuchsia or purple pops of color on her face, but we ran out of time:
And she wanted a Valentine’s Day pic for her boyfriend:
Her t-shirt says: I (heart) my boyfriend. That was our final shot of the night.
I was EXHAUSTED by the time I drove home (an hour commute), but it was a lot of fun. I LOVE working with the photographer who hired me. Anytime he calls, I always make time for him because I always have such a great time working on the shoots. He keeps it light, and always professional. I couldn’t ask for anything more.