Perfect Base by BECCA

I’m late to the party…
MUA’s have been waxing poetic about Becca Cosmetics for some time. But I’ve never gotten around to trying out their products until now. I picked up the most sought after item: the stick foundation.
The stick is a standard size. It’s unique in that it carries an SPF of 30, and I have to say that it is the driest stick I’ve ever used. Before that, I held the Iman Stick Foundation up as the driest. But this thing is DRY. I had to spray down with Mist & Fix to move it around. Not that this thing needs ANY fixative… it sets almost instantly. I set it with MAC Prep + Prime for today’s face:
This foundation stick is FULL COVERAGE. Make no bones about it… no skin will show through after you put this on. It’s heavy as heck. It reminds me of the old MUFE pan stick foundations that we use for theater.  I think it would work well for dramatic looks to wear for a few hours, but it’s certainly not a daily foundation for me. 
The other problem is, this foundation is so drying that my skin reacted by producing a TON of oil. I blotted every few hours to keep the makeup looking right. But despite the amount of oil I produced this foundation did not move. It didn’t transfer or run or anything. My pores did open all the way up on my cheeks though; I think they were trying to get some air. 
So, for me, this is a short wear foundation… for dramatic looks that require true full coverage. I didn’t use any color correctors or concealers with this. It kind of does it all. Despite the SPF, I don’t like the feeling like my skin can’t breathe. I’m keeping it, and I’ll play a bit with sheering it down for personal use. It’s not a BAD foundation… it’s just not the best for me.