Givenchy Spring 2011


So… I was all set to share practical pictures of this collection, but my computer upload is acting up! Boo!!! I’ll get to it tonight when I have more time to spend with the program. But I at least wanted to share my thoughts on this collection.

Here is the promotional picture:

I really like this picture. The colors are so vibrant, and the placement is just awesome. This picture is what actually interested me in the collection. The first time I saw just the products by themselves, I kind of passed it by because the colors weren’t really reaching out to me. But they look so much different ‘on’ the skin, than they do in the pot. This is both good and bad… I’ll explain why when I finally get my swatches to upload.

These are the pieces of the collection. Of the collection, the standouts are the eyeshadow quad and the lipstick. That gel blush looks great, but it really doesn’t translate well in practical application. It went on like sheer pink water on my skin, and did not set. I let it try to dry for a few minutes, then gave up and wiped it off. And the color really doesn’t show up on me. My biggest problem with it (and the foundation) is that it’s unsanitary. I can’t use it on anyone but myself, and I prefer to have my products multitask. And the foundation range is VERY limited. Very good for fair skin tones who don’t have much of a yellow undertone. I found the undertone of this foundation to be more like ‘cream’ and less distinctly yellow or pink.

The lipgloss is supposed to be orange, but it went corally pink on me. I didn’t like that, so I passed.

There was another blush that I found sitting with the collection at Sephora, but I’m not really sure that it was part of the official collection. It’s the Prisme Blush in ‘It Girl Purple.’

I know… doesn’t look purple at all! It doesn’t swatch purple either. But it is the most divine shade of bright pink… just warm and glowy! Not ashy at all. I absolutely love it. It reminds me a lot of NARS Desire Blush, but it’s even more vibrant (if you can imagine that).

And the Candide Tangerine Lipstick is LOVE:

I can’t WAIT to show you guys what that looks like in person… it’s just DIVINE! The color looks a little bright and with the potential to go pink in the tube. But when you put it on, the formula just catches and warms up like you would not believe. It’s simply amazing.

Sorry for the stock photos. As soon as my computer gets it together, I’ll show you guys what some of this stuff looks like on actual skin.

Ciao for now!

YSL: Boheme Libertine

So you guys remember when I was on the hunt for the YSL Spring 2011 stuff?

I talked to a rep over the weekend, and he told me that the ‘Boheme Libertine’ stuff was online. So I went online:

Here’s the thing: That lovely eyeshadow quint that’s featured in the preview pictures is nowhere to be found! Ditto for the beauty powder (unless the pink powder is actually that peach one that’s sitting on the website), and I’m not really sure WHICH of the lipsticks and lipglosses are actually new. Most of it looks like repromotes of the items that you can easily find in your neighborhood Nordstrom or Sephora.

I don’t care for the cream blushes, so that was never a consideration for me.
I think that YSL just didn’t make/include the stuff in the preview picture, and just went with a bunch of repromotes. In the end, I got so frustrated trying to figure it out, that I’ve decided to skip the collection all together. Lack of cohesion in a collection tends to make me skip it. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Too bad.

Pre-Spring Mini Haul

I can’t speak for the rest of the country (or the world) but right now, Los Angeles is getting DRENCHED in heavy rains. And it’s cold as all get out! Despite the gloomy weather, makeup displays are alive with colors for spring. Of note is the new display for Make Up For Ever:

Isn’t that just adorable? I checked out that pallette (star shadows in white and pink) and I’ve decided that they’re a pass. They’re not very pigmented in practical applicaton. Ditto for the lashes. I may change my mind and pick them up later, but right now, I have no use for lashes with little gingham bows on them.
I did, however, get swept away by the star pigments:
969 is on the left, 970 is on the right.

The flash isn’t picking up the dimension of these pigments, but trust me it’s there. The green is full of gold… swatches almost a light golden olive. The pink swatches more of a rose gold. They go on solid but can be blended out to a soft shimmer.

I also revisted NARS, and got he Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in Happy Days:


It’s a sheer orangey coral… perfect for Spring! I still love Club Mix the best, but this is very nice.

That’s it! That’s mini haul… Ciao for now!

NARS: Spring 2011

Everyone’s been buzzing about the Spring collection from NARS. I checked it out earlier this week…

The promo pic seemed a litle 90’s androgynous to me. And the actual items didn’t seem like much to covet. Those pencils (one of which is a repromote) continue to crease on my oily lids, so that was a pass for me. I feel like most of the shadow/gloss colors are dupeable, and since I already have too much tinted moisturizer that I don’t use anyway — that new addition was a pass for me as well. I did, however, love the idea of the “Tzigane” Lipstick. I know I don’t need another nude… but eh, what a ya gonna do.

It’s supposed to be some kind of pinky brandy sheer combo. On me, it’s a pinkish nude:

I like it. It’s a keeper for me. Pass on the rest. But I feel like, if you just want ONE thing from this collection, the Tzigane lipstick might just be it.

Desperately Seeking: YSL Spring 2011

I can’t seem to find this makeup collection in stores anywhere!

Like the Chanel Spring 2011 items, I want to see them in person before I commit to any kind of purchase. I’ve been calling around and… nothing. I really want to look at that beauty powder, the quint and the lipstick! Not a fan of the blue or taupe polish.. but I’m thinking that if the taupe is more exciting than it looks in pictures, then it might be worth a shot.

Nordies may have a rep there by noon. Here’s hoping! I’d love to get a first hand look at these colors and formulas. Maybe they’ll be covet-worthy. Maybe they’ll even be worth a giveaway. Only time will tell.

Gone Grey: Dior Spring 2011

Just when I was weaning myself of the greys for a bit…

Dior is pushing grey based color… with a hint of lavender and rose for Spring 2011. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve seen swatches… but I’ve yet to try specifics from the collection out for myself. My assignment today will be to find out whether this collection is covet worthy:

Off the bat… I can tell you that I’m skipping the 5-design quint (don’t I have that one already?). I don’t use them nearly enough to justify the price. But the grey quint looks intersting (especially that blue based color), and the matte quads look awesome. Dior mattes tend to oxidize without a base of some kind; it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve corrected that little problem with the new colors. Mascara .. unless it blows me out of the water… likely a pass. Same for the single shadow and the nailies. I like the idea of silvery gloss… and I’m dying to try it out. Lipsticks… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So I’m going in with a few pre-conceived notions and expectations. I’d love to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping! I’ll swatch… test.. and practically apply, and report back as soon as I’m done. Ciao for now!

Chanel: Swatches and A Giveaway!

So here are swatches of the Chanel quint and the blush and the nail polishes…

Pearl Drop (top)
Black Pearl (bottom)
Forgive my janky nails and application. They’re getting taken care of today!
Quint colors… in the order that they appear:
White Gold
Pinky Peach
Greyish Burgundy
Olive Green
Smokey Greyish Black

There’s the blush across the top. It looks better on my face. I did a look with the quint and the blush recently…

That’s the black and olive and white gold colors. The blush is subtle on me in pictures… and I tend to have a light touch. The color is solid though.

Now to the giveaway…

We’re going to let this one run a little longer… until January 31st. The same rules apply. You must be a public follow/subscriber to qualify. You can amp your chances by following me @shahadakarim, ‘liking’ the Adventures In Makeup Facebook Page, linking me to your blogs, linking the giveaway to  your blog, and actually blogging about the giveaway.