NARS: Spring 2011

Everyone’s been buzzing about the Spring collection from NARS. I checked it out earlier this week…

The promo pic seemed a litle 90’s androgynous to me. And the actual items didn’t seem like much to covet. Those pencils (one of which is a repromote) continue to crease on my oily lids, so that was a pass for me. I feel like most of the shadow/gloss colors are dupeable, and since I already have too much tinted moisturizer that I don’t use anyway — that new addition was a pass for me as well. I did, however, love the idea of the “Tzigane” Lipstick. I know I don’t need another nude… but eh, what a ya gonna do.

It’s supposed to be some kind of pinky brandy sheer combo. On me, it’s a pinkish nude:

I like it. It’s a keeper for me. Pass on the rest. But I feel like, if you just want ONE thing from this collection, the Tzigane lipstick might just be it.

Desperately Seeking: YSL Spring 2011

I can’t seem to find this makeup collection in stores anywhere!

Like the Chanel Spring 2011 items, I want to see them in person before I commit to any kind of purchase. I’ve been calling around and… nothing. I really want to look at that beauty powder, the quint and the lipstick! Not a fan of the blue or taupe polish.. but I’m thinking that if the taupe is more exciting than it looks in pictures, then it might be worth a shot.

Nordies may have a rep there by noon. Here’s hoping! I’d love to get a first hand look at these colors and formulas. Maybe they’ll be covet-worthy. Maybe they’ll even be worth a giveaway. Only time will tell.

Gone Grey: Dior Spring 2011

Just when I was weaning myself of the greys for a bit…

Dior is pushing grey based color… with a hint of lavender and rose for Spring 2011. I’ve seen pictures, I’ve seen swatches… but I’ve yet to try specifics from the collection out for myself. My assignment today will be to find out whether this collection is covet worthy:

Off the bat… I can tell you that I’m skipping the 5-design quint (don’t I have that one already?). I don’t use them nearly enough to justify the price. But the grey quint looks intersting (especially that blue based color), and the matte quads look awesome. Dior mattes tend to oxidize without a base of some kind; it’ll be interesting to see if they’ve corrected that little problem with the new colors. Mascara .. unless it blows me out of the water… likely a pass. Same for the single shadow and the nailies. I like the idea of silvery gloss… and I’m dying to try it out. Lipsticks… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

So I’m going in with a few pre-conceived notions and expectations. I’d love to be proven wrong. Here’s hoping! I’ll swatch… test.. and practically apply, and report back as soon as I’m done. Ciao for now!

Chanel: Swatches and A Giveaway!

So here are swatches of the Chanel quint and the blush and the nail polishes…

Pearl Drop (top)
Black Pearl (bottom)
Forgive my janky nails and application. They’re getting taken care of today!
Quint colors… in the order that they appear:
White Gold
Pinky Peach
Greyish Burgundy
Olive Green
Smokey Greyish Black

There’s the blush across the top. It looks better on my face. I did a look with the quint and the blush recently…

That’s the black and olive and white gold colors. The blush is subtle on me in pictures… and I tend to have a light touch. The color is solid though.

Now to the giveaway…

We’re going to let this one run a little longer… until January 31st. The same rules apply. You must be a public follow/subscriber to qualify. You can amp your chances by following me @shahadakarim, ‘liking’ the Adventures In Makeup Facebook Page, linking me to your blogs, linking the giveaway to  your blog, and actually blogging about the giveaway.


Guerlain Spring 2011: Ehhhhhhhhhhhh

This actually makes me sad. The promotional pictures for this collection were STUNNING:

Now, I will say that the packaging translates in real life. It’s gorgeous. But the product leaves so much to be desired, that it’s downright depressing. And the price point doesn’t help matters at ALL. The blush is $65, the lippies are $47 each, and the eyeshadow palette (which isn’t even worth a picture) is a whopping $84!!!!!

I spent quite a bit of time at the Guerlain counter, trying my best to be fair. I swatched, I tested, I walked away, and I came back. In the end, there are really only two items that would even remotely warrant my praise: The G-Series Blush and the Fuchsia Delice Lipstick. And they don’t get accolades for the reasons that they should… which is most unfortunate.

This is what the G-Series Blush looks like in the beginning. Just stunning. I’m especially a fan of that satin lined pouch… like WOW. Guerlain just flipped Chanel and Dior off behind their velvet versions. This one is MUCH more luxurious.
Then you open the compact, and OH.MY.GAWD:

You see all those lovely color variations? Just amazing, right? Now… do you know what all those colors translate on me as? PINK.

Yep, shimmer pink. Reminds me of NARS Orgasm (which is downright cheap in price comparison) Doesn’t matter if I separate the colors or blend them together. They look best blended together. Separate, they just look like different variations of PINK.

I wanted the Orange verson of the G-Series Lipstick… but there’s so much pink in the orange that it’s more coral than anything… on ANY skintone. I was there with a very pale woman who tried it on… and it even went coral on her. So, rather than fight the pink… I went with it…

This is the Fuchsia Delice lipstick. Does it look fuchsia to you? No? Not to me either. I have no idea why they even gave it that name. But the funny thing is.. this is the MOST flattering lippie on me, in the entire collection:

The others were just horrid. And this.. like everything else is PINK. Omg. I don’t know what Guerlain is going through with the color collections. They’ve certainly got my attention with their foundations… but these colors… nah uh. They remind me of Chanel, pre-awareness… when the company was just doing variations of pink everything and putting ’em in pretty little cases with no consideration for skin tones and shading and undertones.

They’ve got the packaging nailed. I mean, it’s gorgeous. But there’s simply no reason to purchase a product for packaging alone. At Guerlain prices, the product needs to perform. Period.

Worth the Hype: The Best of Chanel Spring 2011

I finally got around to taking pictures of the new collection. ALL of it is not covet worthy, so I just picked my favorites from the bunch and played with them to my hearts content:

These are the most noteworthy to me: The Pearl Drop Nail Polish, the Espiegle Blush, the Eyeshadow Quint (not going to look up the name right now) and the Black Pearl Nail Polish.

Here’s why:

The folks at Chanel REALLY did their homework about what a ‘pearlescent’ finish ought to look like in an eyeshadow. Both the quint and the Quad (Regard Perle) feature the fabuous pearl-like finish on all the colors. I like the quint better because it’s like the naughty big sister of the quad. The colors are deeper, and can (believe it or not) all be used together to create a harmonious blend of color. None of the colors are what they seem… all of them are shot through with undertones of green, violet and gold.

The colors (as you can see ) range as: White Gold, Peach, Berry, Olive and Black. I was impressed by the creamy texture of these shadows, the blendability and the color payoff.

The Espiegle Blush is like the In Love Blush… with a matte boost. This one has greater color payoff, and is brighter. Those of you who shied away from the In Love Blush because of the shimmer, will likely prefer this one. The color goes deeper. And.. I understand this is permanent. That’s good news, because I fully intend to get a backup.

These are the best polishes. I didn’t care for the Peche polish at all. The pearl drop nail polish is NOT white. It’s a white based gold and is simply STUNNING on. It really is the hidden gem of this collection. I’d model it for you, but right now my nails look like I’ve been playing with sandpaper all day. I’m getting a manicure tomorrow… so maybe I’ll add pictures later.

I know that everyone is running out to get the Black Pearl polish (understandably…. it is quite fabulous) but do not sleep on Pearl Drop. It’s gorgeous.

That’s it! Those are my favorites. I like the quad, the eyeliner and the peach lip pencil… but they’re not exactly covet-worthy. These items definitely are.

That’s why I’m paying them forward… in a giveaway.

Details coming soon!

L.A.M.B Spring 2011

Oh…. Miz Stefani has come a long way. I was one of the millions who initially thumbed my nose at the idea of her going into fashion. Those damned hoodies (harajuku lovers) didn’t help her cause. Ugh. But NOW… I find myself looking forward to her next collection. Spring 2011 burst onto the fashion scene and proved that Gwen has more than done her homework on colors, cuts, and textures.

Needless to say, my favorite part of the show was the makeup:

I know it’s a bit extreme, but it’s still so beautiful to me. I want to do a more ‘wearable’ interpretation of the colors and textures, but I’d love to keep the ‘feeling’ of this particular look. I love it.