Dry Skin Solution: Hourglass Serum No. 28

I have several clients who have the driest skin on earth, and I’ve noticed that as I get… ahem… older, my skin tends to get a little flaky around the nose and mouth. Most of the time I can treat it before bed with a strong face oil. But under makeup during the day, it just looks awful.

Enter Hourglass Serum No. 28

I was digging around Space NK last month and started playing with the formula. It goes on like a serum that’s too thick to actually penetrate, but eventually blends out to create a non-oily moisturizing veil that’s perfect as a primer or foundation base. I’ve even mixed a bit in with foundation to give it a moisturizing boost on the days when I need it most.

Last week, Sherry (also of Space NK) introduced me to the ‘Lip Treatment Oil’ — which is basically the same formula, with a little more grab for the lip area.

I use both of them well in advance of using any makeup (on myself or clients) to give it time to sink in. Since I’m pretty oily on the regular, this is a great step for me for nighttime makeup (which seems to dry the heck out of my skin).

The face serum comes in a standard pump. But the Lip Treatment Oil has the funkiest applicator… I use it by pumping out a small amount and wiping the tip with a lip brush…

 Both of the serums look and behave the same. I’ve noticed that for the face serum, a little bit goes a very long way (I use about half a pump for an entire face). It takes one full pump of lip serum to really cover an area well. The key to both of these formulas is to wait it out, while they work. The face serum goes on ‘wet’ — but blends out beautifully. And the lip oil goes on thick, but then sort of ‘liquifies’ and sinks into the lips.

The formula takes some getting used to, but once you figure it out it’s really excellent. If you’ve got (or work on) dry skin, this stuff is worth looking into. You can find out more about Hourglass Serum No. 28  HERE.

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Eye Adore: Hourglass Script Eyeliner

Just when you thought that eyeliners couldn’t get any more precise…

Hourglass Script Eyeliner boasts the unique combination of a precision brush head (that is NOT made of felt), and a potent eyeliner formula. Some precision heads are wonderful and/or unique, but the formula leaves much to be desired (Shu Uemura, I’m looking at you). The latex finish of this eyeliner may threaten to pull me from my #1 favorite (Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner)… maybe.

The brush head is SO small. I was worried that it wouldn’t dispense any real product. But, when I tested it, I was not disappointed:

I drew three lines to show you how you can build with this formula. Now, as you can see, the smallest line skips. I think you’d need to go over it once, to get a truly deep  latex finish. These are all done in single swipes (1, 2, and 3). The more you layer this formula, the more ‘intense’ and shiny it becomes. I applied almost no pressure while doing this swatch (I’m still testing out my perfect technique for this).

Now, the down side is that you MUST store this liner upside down… with the tip pointing downward. Store it in any  other position, and you run the risk of the brush head drying out. Because the tip is SO small, it has to stay saturated to work properly. At least this has been my experience.

This pen was provided to me by the lovely ladies at Space NK in Sherman Oaks, CA…

You can learn more about Hourglass Script Eyeliner HERE.

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Space NK Meet & Greet… in Pictures

Hey Guys,

I waited to share the details of the event, because I wanted to pair them with pictures (taken by the incomparable Nadirah Bahar). Here they are!

Me talking to my girls, Mimi and Marty. Both of them came out to support me, and I totally appreciate them for it.
Edwin and Jacqueline (Space NK Divas)
I have no idea what I was explaining to Marty, but I hope it was interesting LOL.
By Terry Goodness
Bianca Lauren (MUA) came from work (all the way across town) to support! Love her.
By Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow. You guys know I swear by it.
Sea of Black.. LOL. I look big as a freakin’ house. WTH? Ah well… it was a good time! Thank you to Space NK for giving me the opportunity, and thank you to everyone who came out to the event!

Space NK Meet & Greet!

I’ll be there in just about an hour, and in case any of you local folks are coming to see me, I’m putting up my 7 top picks from Space NK:

1. Clarisonic Mia
2. By Terry Touche Veloutee
3. By Terry Hyaluronic Face Glow
4. Ren AHA Resurfacing Serum
5. Darphin Cleansing Balm
6. Rodial Snake Serum
7. Space NK Candle in Citrus Mint
My top pick (what is the thing that I can’t live without?) for the prize is CLARISONIC MIA. 
Hopefully, I’ll see some of you guys there! I’ll have pics of the event up on the blog likely by the weekend.
Ciao for now!

Save The Date: Shahada & Space NK!

WHEN: Thursday, November 17th — 6 to 8pm
WHERE: Space NK Apothecary, Bloomingdales @ Fashion Square Mall (Sherman Oaks, CA)

So, the planets lined up or some such… and the folks at my local Space NK decided to build an event around me. I believe they’re going to start doing ‘blogger’ related events, and well… I’m the first pancake. So they’re going to try it out with me and see how it goes!

The general idea is to showcase my favorite items from the store, my ‘must haves’ and generally get folks together to talk about all things beauty and makeup related. We’ll have a photographer shoot the event, and it’ll definitely go up here on the blog… and maybe even the beauty section of Agenda Magazine!

What’s in it for you: Possible freebies… I know there’s something about prizes for a contest, if you can answer a Shahada/Space NK related question (I’ll post the answers here on the blog the day of the event). There is also the opportunity to learn about and test brands that you may not have  heard of, or thought of trying out before. One of the things that I love about Space NK is that they gather brands from all over the world and showcase them in one place. I’ve personally learned a lot by frequenting the place.

They’re also talking about doing manicures or something, but don’t hold me to that. We’re still working out the details. All we REALLY want is for everyone to be comfortable, and have a good time.

There will also be a gift with purchase, but you are NOT obligated to buy anything. The event is totally free.

So, if you’re local… and you’re free for that evening… come on by! I’ve love to meet some of you guys. No airs… no pressure…  just a bunch of folks getting together and talking about beauty. Hopefully I’ll see you there!


Nothing to do with makeup… but I wanted to share my latest ‘smell good’ find, candles from Space NK!

I knew that they made candles, but I didn’t know they were any good. Edwin ‘forced’ me to take a whiff of the new selection, and I fell in love with the Citrus Mint:

As soon as I took these pictures, I lit the candle. It filled up my bedroom, bathroom, and part of the connecting hallway. Really clean, sweet, fresh scent. I love it. I burned it last night and this morning. A former neighbor once taught me to burn a candle for about an a a day…. and after a week, the scent begins to ‘linger’ for almost 24 hours after you’ve blown the candle out. It’s certainly a lovely scent to come home to.

Like I said… this was totally random. But I wanted to share. You can get this candle and the rest of ’em from the Space NK website at www.spacenk.com

Fall Favorites at Space NK

I got a chance to join the folks at Space NK to preview Nicky Kinnard’s picks for the Autumn/Winter/Holiday season.

There were lots of new products and makeovers and a the most FABULOUS gift (yours with a 75.00 purchase.. which is NOT hard at Space NK):

So I browsed and gabbed a bit, and browsed some more, and gabbed some more… and let Edwin convince me to buy things that I DO NOT NEED:

The new By Terry Kohl pencils… like a DREAM. I don’t have any good shimmer pencils in my kit, so these were a must have. And as far as the black… well, can you REALLY have too many black kohl pencils?


That’s Edwin on the right… the one who keeps me informed about all the latest and greatest of everything Space NK has to offer… and helps feed my By Terry addiction whenever I can afford it.

My haul consisted mainly of By Terry… three pencils, Touche Veloutee (can’t live without it!), and a new colored mascara (Terrybly has allegedly been reformulated).

More pictures and swatches to come…

Ciao for now!

Vincent Longo: Second Pass

My previous posts on Vincent Longo have already indicated that I tend to pass it by… nothing ever really rocks my world. So I really can’t take credit for my recent discovery of the water based foundations and blushes. This is all the fault of my favorite Space NK Guru: Edwin.

He brings me over to Vincent Longo and I’m just like: blah blah blah blah blah…

Then he forces me to swatch the blushes and I’m like OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!

Fortunately for me (and Edwin), I have incentive points (which translate into $$ discounts) with Space NK. No time like the present to cash them in!

So I ended up with this:

That’s the Water to Canvas Blush in Clover Mist. It’s like a terracota orangey rose on me. Just gorgeous.

It fees like cool water going on… like the Chantecaille Aqua Blush variety. You can use it with your fingers, a sponge or a brush. Just depends on what kind of finish you want.

I swatched it sheer, but it builds up pretty strong. And it dries down, so it totally merges in with your skin. I had a hard time ‘dry wiping’ to get it off. I ended up using a makeup remover cloth. So that tells me that it’ll stay put. Love that.

So, thanks to Edwin, I now have to take another (closer) look at Vincent Longo… AGAIN. He tried to get me to fall in love with those foundations… not gonna happen… maybe. LOL. I’ll have to see what my skin feels like. My skin likes what it likes, and the idea of ‘dipping’ into a solid foundation makes me nervous. Unsanitary.

Like I said… we’ll see.