From the Mouths of Babes…

Today, an 8 year old vegan introduced me to Tempeh:

The fermented soybean patty is apparently a favorite of hers. Before today, I’d never heard of it.
Here’s how it happened:
I was at the Farmer’s Market picking up my usual (fruit, veggies, raw nuts and honey. I try to buy local early and often. Plus, everything’s so much cheaper and I can trace the origins)… when I stopped by the salad stand for a Kale Salad (they were sold out). As I’m standing there, little 8 year old niece of the owner was bugging about going to get some Tempeh.
Some what?
So she asks me to walk her to the Gourmet Korean Stand (because auntie won’t let her wander the market alone). I agree, and she’s talking to me the the entire time about how good Tempeh is, and how she can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
She gets herself a little container… and offers me a piece. OMG. So good! So I get a container, and we walk back to the salad stand happily munching and yapping about the wonders of this little soybean product. It’s extremely high in protein (which I love) and really tastes good. I even brought some home to hubby (who has a very fickle palette) and he loved it.
Looks like I’ll be including Tempeh into our diet from now on. 
Here’s hoping that I never stop learning… even from 8 year olds.