Purple Stuff: Chanel Sophisitcated Eye Collection

I think I’m done with the current Chanel collection… I think.

I picked up two more pieces from Chanel… including one that I was so sure I was going to pass over:

Chanel Intimitable Intense Mascara in 50 (purple), and waterproof eye pencil in Taupe.
Both of these items are pretty impressive. I was fairly positive that the mascara would not move me (I haven’t been a fan of Intimitable), but one FOTD later (pictures coming) promptly changed  my mind. And the Taupe pencil is deeper in color than I’d anticipated, and the staying power is noteworthy. I really like these items.

Pretty color! Now, I thought I’d done a swatch, but apparently not. It’s coming… I’ll do another in the near future or just show it in the coming FOTD.

I found this mascara to be more ‘plum colored’ than the Armani version (which is how I justified buying it). It’s warm and pretty, and the formula really BUILDS the lashes. I like this better than the standard Initmitable. Good stuff.

You can get both the pencil and the mascara from www.chanel.com

Chanel Sophisticated Eye Collection: Lagons & Vanities

Choosing between the Lagons and Vanities quads from Chanel’s ‘Sophisticated Eye’ collection proved to be an exercise in futility. I thought about it, swatched both, walked away, thought about it some more…

And ended up with both. They are, each in their own right, completely stunning. Both are flattering on a wide range of skin tones. Vanities is more universally wearable than Lagons, but the beauty of the latter simply cannot be denied.


Vanities consists of two pinks and two purples, one cool and one shot through with a healthy dose of gold. The golden purple color reminds me a lot of MAC Trax… without the fallout. All of the colors are silky to the touch, and easy to apply.

Every single color shows up on me without going too cool or ashy. I’m particularly fond on the warmer colors, but I can’t wait to mix them up and see what happens.


Lagons is a series of blues, each of which seems to be ‘cooled down’ with a healthy shot of grey. Despite it’s cool nature, I think Lagons will look stunning on just about any skin tone… it just matters how you place and blend the color. I really tried to leave this quad behind, but simply could not. It’s not the most practical, but it is quite beautiful.

This picture truly does not do the quad justice. I shot it in natural light, to try and pick up the ‘sparkle’ from the darkest color. It’s there, trust me. Like Vanities, the formula of these shadows is silky and easy to blend.

I love them both. I tried to pick a favorite… and that didn’t work out too well for me. If you MUST choose just one, I think you’ll probably get a lot more use out of Vanities.

You can get  both Holiday 2011 quads from the Chanel website: www.chanel.com

Chanel Sophisticated Eye Collection: Tools and Twilight

So  here are my first two loves from the new Chanel ‘Sophisticated Eye’ collection…

I’m admitting to a ‘frivolous’ purchase — for I broke down and got the eyelash curler.

Why? I have no sane reason. I just wanted it. That’s it and that’s all. I LOVE the way it comes packaged… only Chanel. lol

I also got the single eyeshadow in Twilight, which I feel is the sleeper hit among the singles. It’s pink, but it’s got a warm dimension that I absolutely love. It really complements my warm skin tone… which can sometimes be a challenge with pink.

I really love this shadow. I’m so glad I tried it at the counter, because in the pot it just looks… pedestrian. But it really warmed up on my skin, and I was totally impressed by that.