Professional Grade: On Set with Sophia Bastian

I got called to do makeup for singer Sophia Bastian. She’s got the most amazing voice… and great skin to boot! So I knew my job wouldn’t be hard at all.


I did the makeup, Bianca Lauren did the hair… we are shaping up to be a great team. Sophia was primed and prepped and primped to perfection, then we sent her to the set:

This was Sophia’s basic look for the shoot. We altered it slightly later in the day. Bianca pulled her hair back, and I added the thinnest black eyeline and a dark red lip:

When it was all said and done, we got a few shots of the crew:

Sophia and Ian (Director)
Sophia & Matt (Funny or Die)
Sophia & The Crew
I had a great time. The crew was quiet and conscientious, and among the most efficient that I’ve ever worked with. We went in, did our thing, were out in record time. It’s always noteworthy when an operation goes that smooth. Truly professional and excellent work all the way around.
I can’t wait to see the final video!