Lip Service: Dior Addict Lipstick

While I wait with bated breath for the Coco Rouge Shine Lippies… I’ve had to make do with the Dior version. They’re not half bad. They’re more pigmented than the Chanel versions, but not as moisturizing. And there are SO many colors! It’s easy to get overwhelmed. I finally ended up with one color (miracles happen), called ‘Smoky.’

The flash REALLY blew this color out. It’s more of a smoky-brown-rose, if that makes sense. It’s about 2 shades darker than what you see there. I tried to take it natural light, but lost the color of it. So flash is what ya get.

I like it a lot. I don’t care for many of the colors because they’re a bit ‘frosty’ for my tastes, and many of them are unflattering for my skin tone. But ‘smoky’ is a keeper.