She Said: Support Small Business!

I got a bit of a lecture today. I was going over inventory checklist at a local store that carries HABIBI products, and one of the clerks was asking me when I’d be able to bring them more deodorant stock. It’s a bestseller, and apparently people have been asking for it.

Well, as the law of supply and demand goes… our ingredient supply is measured (read: finite), and the demand for deodorant from my online base is pretty high.

So I told her that because there are so  many online orders for the deodorant, we’d need to give those customers priority…

And then came the lecture.

She says that online business has really put a dent in ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses, because everyone can just point and click and get their stuff delivered to their door. I mean, I get it… since I shop online as well. But it never occurred to me just ‘how much’ it affects physical businesses.

We had a great discussion about the evolution of shopping, and the modern consumer… and we ended with a hug — and an agreement that I’d stock the store with more deodorant as quickly as possible.

Like… right after we fill the online orders

You learn something new every day.