…YES I know I’m raggedy. Listen, between y’all emailing me and hitting me up on Specktra and sending me Facebook messages…

I’m here.

Habibi has been taking me to TASK! Let me tell you, it’s an interesting thing when your company is like HAHAHAHAHAPHUCKYONEEDTOSLEEP and decides to grab hold and breathe on its own. In what seems to be ‘out of the blue’ – I have requests and upticks in business sales (and customer ones), inquiries, distribution plans, production shows, professional interest and use, and private labeling…



I started Habibi 13 years ago, and always wanted it to be 100% honest in terms of ingredients, claims, and longevity. That means I moved incredibly slow to make it well known. I was hesitant to reach out, slow on the uptake of reactions, and kind of minimized its actual impact. There are a crap-ton of companies out there who promise to change your skin and your life from the very first application. Trust me, as a reformed product junkie I have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into those claims. I’m sure I’m not alone. It took me a long time to make the switch from product victim to product innovator. And for that I had to leave these borders. US skincare is lacking for me… always has been. And it honestly wasn’t until I got eyebrow deep in Asian skincare that I really started to understand synergy… particularly without the use of chemicals or harsh (even natural) ingredients. I made friends with several Chinese Herbalists and learned about the value of ‘balance’ and ‘harmony’ between the user and the product… much like the balance of organ function to harmonize the entire body. Sound esoteric? It probably is. But you know what? It works.

That’s why the serum changed into the awesome sauce that it had the potential to be. That’s how GAIA was born (body care is coming people!), and that’s how subtle upgrades (from the elimination of shea butter in face moisturizers to the addition of tremella mushroom in the face and body serums) began to form and take tangible shape. I pulled back, moved some pieces around, and came up with a whole new level of awesome. Add to that streamlined packaging from bottles to shipping…

…all while continually filling orders…

…and it’s been a busy season for ya girl.

SO. I’m back. I am. Viseart Warm Mattes has been making my life beautiful and a full review is coming. So is the foundation one I promised because honestly I’ve been using the same stuff for more than a year, and I think it’s fair to say they are actual favorites. I love and miss you, and I haven’t forgotten about you!

Love & Light and Ciao for now!


SKIN CARE: Moisturize

If my toner game is complicated, my moisturizing routine is anything but. I use HABIBI Oatmeal & Peppermint Face Moisturizer. Twice a day. Every day. Even if I layer something face moisturizeron top, that is always the base. I’ve tried to go with just using a layering product (like a face oil or night cream), and somehow something always goes a little south. It was one of the very first products I ever made (the company began as a way to address my acne-prone/sensitive skin) and it’s held true. Even though the formulation has evolved to include more ‘skin-saving’ ingredients, the basic premise is still there. It moisturizes, disinfects, and protects my skin no matter what. I keep little bottles of it everywhere: in the bathroom, in the car and in my gym bag. I don’t mess around. Ever since I REALLY dug deep and started paying attention to my skin, this is the thing that has not changed. Professionals will often tell you that it’s rarely the product that has your skin acting a mess. While products can make things worse, the root cause is typically in your daily habits both inside and out.

Soooo I got my face shaved…


I literally went under the knife and let Jennifer (whom I trust completely with my skin) perform Dermaplane. Y’all WHY is it so therapeutic? You’d think that having a damn scalpel scraped across my face would cause all kinds of stress. NOPE. It felt so good, and I could feel her touching my new skin and I swear it felt like she was stroking silk. Just amazing.

The thing is, I didn’t know what she was talking about when she first suggested it. I’d seen a ton of videos and crap about people shaving their faces but you know YouTube is RATCHET because these mofos were holding up Lady Gillette Razors talking about shaving their faces. There was one video by Lisa Eldridge and another by a couple of women that I have blocked out because it was kinda gushy and annoying, but I swear I didn’t connect the two until Jennifer explained why it would be a crap idea for me to go into heat or humidity after she was done. She’s like “Honey I’m taking a scalpel to your face.” And that’s when I IMG_3589got super excited because I had been meaning to ask her about it, only for the life of me I couldn’t remember what the name of the treatment was.


Now I know.

So I’m laying there and she’s just scraping away and I’m thinking this would be a fantastic alternative to peels because it feels so damn good and the results are instant. Once the shedding starts on a peel, I have to wait about a week for everything to fall away and be fabulous. But as soon as I left the office, I was looking in the rear view mirror like YAAAAASSSSS. 😉 My cheeks were a little red from the stimulation but damn if my skin didn’t look brand new! Ignore my chapped ass lips. I dealt with them as soon as I looked atIMG_3590 the picture like EWWW. And I couldn’t take another one ’cause the light turned green! #lagirlproblems I am so happy with the results.

No sooner had I parked my car, I tested out my new skin with the ‘barest’ of bare makeup. I matted down my new skin with Innissfree No Sebum powder, which has no color. I put NARS Orgasm on my cheeks, the lightest dusting of dark brown shadow at my lashline and mascara, and that lip tint stuff from Glossier in Cake.

I posted the picture on Instagram and one of my students was like… “Ummm I want some skin love!” So I’m gonna set her up with Jennifer because y’all that woman is everything. I’ve already referred two people who are seeing her regularly. She works with you and your products, which is huge for me because I MAKE PRODUCTS. And we agree that products and regimens are like food and diet. The products themselves aren’t evil. A regimen doesn’t work all the time. You pivot and adjust based on your skin’s needs at the time. Because skin adapts (mine does in about a week or two), it’s important to keep the routine fresh. There are days when I just cleanse with water (I KNOW! If you’d told me that 3 years ago I would have laughed in your face) because that’s all my skin needs. There are days when Sunday Riley’s JUNO is the only thing my skin wants, and there are days when it gets angry and congested because of the exact same product. My sleep patterns, diet, stress, and general environment have so much to do with my skin, which wants to be kinda disrespectful from time to time. I’ve learned so much patience and observation in the quest to keep it balanced and blemish free.

Later I did a bit more with coverage to see what happened. That’s Missha Super Light Oil Foundation in w23, mixed with Cover FX Enhacer in Candlelight (because it’s a bit too light and Candlelight is a bit too dark) and 3 drops of the Calming Oil. Eyes are the Chanel Autumn Palette from last year… ? Peach on the inner lid, brown on the outer. Lash line is Urban Decay Zero, smudged out with a liner brush. Waterline is Chanel Or Rose. Cheeks are Kiko Blush in 100 (still LOVE) and lips are a combo of Black Moon Liquid Lipstick in Harvest (which is what OFRA Miami Fever should have been), and Lipstick Queen gloss in Avarice. Maybe I should have blotted ’cause my lips are doing the most.

Anyway, I’m HAPPY. Like really happy with the Dermaplane results. And no, I haven’t forgotten about the skin care post. It’s still coming (photographing pictures is taking a sec because I don’t wanna use stock images).

❤ ❤ ❤

Updates and Aquisitions


Okay, I’m not really up. I’m totally faking it. My body clock will likely be a mess for a few IMG_3384days, but I’m rolling with it. I have to teach a double today. Here’s hoping I don’t fall asleep in the middle of ‘Inhale Tadasana’… yeah.

Fires have been put out and things appear to be back on track. When I tell y’all that I worked ALL DAY yesterday to right the ship… whew! Customer service is a massive deal to me. I try to make sure everyone is taken care of either by me or another member of our little family. Even something as simple as acknowledging an email can go such a long way. I don’t like to feel like I’m being ignored by a company, no matter how trivial my issue, so I understand how big a deal it is to have someone say ‘I See You.’ I think we’ve done our best to see everyone and address the ridiculous sale that byredo-rose_of-no-man-land-comprare-migliore-profumowasn’t. Next time I know better and will put fail-safes in place.

A couple of things have made it into my makeup and skin collection in the past week or so. I was digging around Barneys and came across Byredo Rose of No Man’s Land. Smells like every ‘skin scented rose’ fragrance claims to want to smell. It smells like warm skin rubbed in rose petals on a hot summer day. A little sun, a little sweat, a lot of roses … all totally amazing. I LOVE it. I’ve been burned by Byredo in the past (that dry down is key) so I’ve been hesitant to dive back in. I’m still suffering cinnamon flashbacks from too much Seven Veils (you have to mix it or suffer the consequences), and the boring commonality of Blanche. But Rose of No Man’s Land TROY SURRAT LASH CURLERreminds me why I was attracted to the brand in the first place. It’s a Rose for people who actually don’t like Rose. *raising hand* Color me impressed.

Now y’all know that I have a love/hate relationship with Troy Surrat’s unreliable behind. So I was NOT interested in his eyelash curler… until I tried it. Charlotte Tilbury is somewhere kicking herself because she didn’t think of this first: the thing is so long and wide that it catches every.single.lash. And it doesn’t give you that unnatural doll curl. Instead you end up with something that looks totally natural and kind of ‘sweeping’… and I swear you can just curl your lashes and not even stress about mascara if you’ve got a decent fringe to start with. It’s that good. I’m mad that I like it so much. SMH. But I’ll give props when it’s due. He did good on this one. I’m still not messing with that overpriced impractical makeup though.

I know everyone and their mother is raving about sheet masks, but most of them are a pass for me. Since they got popular, fools are slapping all kinds of gunk on a sheet of cotton, cutting out eye and lip holes, and calling it a miracle sheet mask. Most of them are complete rubbish and just contain crap that sits on your skin and slides off, and really don’t produce any results. But Wei has been doing this for a LONG time, and would like the others to kindly have a seat. The detoxifying masks are so effective that I’m always shocked at how clear and bright my skin looks after 15 minutes under it. They are totally worth every single penny. I love them so much that I bought big boxes of them for my tom ford warm sablelittle sisters,  because I love to share a good skin care secret. Same for the Dr Morita Black Pearl masks. Totally cheap and TOTALLY effective.

Finally, to makeup. Ever since my Cocoa Ravish went bad, I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. You’d think that I’d know better than to replace one Tom Ford Lipstick with another that might also go bad, but sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake. Enter Warm Sable. LOVE. I’m wearing it at the top of this post. It’s such a complementary color on my skin. I can wear it bare faced and it still looks good. I’m sure I had no business adding this to my lipstick collection. Here’s hoping that it keeps.

Speaking of Tom Ford, I’m totally into the new Night Bloom powders for fall. But I am NOT ordering them from the Tom Ford website because their customer service is THE ABSOLUTE WORST. I honestly don’t think I’ve come across worse service in a very long time. Those fools wouldn’t answer an email if their life depended on it. And good luck trying to call them. And just when you start to call and threaten them… BAM… a tracking number for something you’ve been waiting on for 6 months. And even then you might only get half your order. If something is backordered, they’ll never let you know. They are just horrid. For such a prestige brand, they really need to do better. So I’ll hold out for Nordstrom, a company that actually values its customers.

That’s it for the aquisitions! I can feel sleep coming on. Later Lovelies! ❤


Peeling and What Not

Hey y’all.

I was watching My Invisible Chrysalis (CONGRATS on the Baby Michelle!) about her pregnancy acne and how she’s decided to stay away from peeling because bad memories… and I don’t blame her.

You guys should see her TCA Peel video. OMG. When she talks about turning purple… Y’ALL! I don’t even turn pink, and the peels that I get self-neutralize. She had to disable comments because people are so ignorant, but there are some things that are not true in the video (which is why you have to consult a professional). Her results are not normal for people of color. Her results are normal for someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

But she’s a massive DIYer so it’s no surprise that she dove head first into something that should really only be handled by professionals. When I first started experimenting with peels, the first thing I researched was ph, what kinds of acids do what, and how to properly deal with your skin pre, during, and post peel. I also consulted a professional. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t do some truly ignorant mess in the meantime… so let me just clear that up right now.

As I am in the middle of a routine peel right now, it’s kind of at the front of my lobe. I’m on day 3 and nearly done. I have some minor peeling on my forehead, along my jawline, on peelingmy chin and across my nose. I should be good to go (and cleared for that brow situation) by the end of the week.

I’ve been known to do some heinous mess to my face. Battling acne since puberty will cause you to make some choices that people with naturally great skin couldn’t even fathom. But even with dotting a 70% glycolic acid solution on a stubborn spot (NOT RECOMMENDED), I’ve never ended up looking like someone who thought they were Danerys Stormborn. Chile. When Jennifer got hold of my face, she educated me even further about peels and ph levels and upgraded what I already knew and… well… you guys see my face.

Peels work when done by a professional or with a WHOLE LOT of professional guidance. But all you have to do is google ‘chemical peel burns’ to know that it takes a split second for things to go horribly wrong, and sometimes people can’t come back from that scarring. We live in a digital space where everyone thinks they know everything, and will fight years of SCIENCE because Instagram got them thinking they are a superstar. And with unethical websites offering chemicals that shouldn’t be handled by Dick and Jane… EVER… it makes you pause.

I will get routine peels until they no longer serve me. But trust me when I tell you that I completely understand when someone shuts it all the way down.

You saw my girl’s pictures. I would have shut it down too.



More GAIA Goodness

How many of you guys have gotten your GAIA? There’s more to come with the line. I just finished the ‘rinse’ portion of the line, which might just pull me away from the need for deep peels. Maybe. Balancing the PH on this sucker was a BEAST, so we’ll keep testing it for now, and then I want to do another giveaway after you guys get in the groove with the wash and moisturizer. What do you think?

I used all three products yesterday with absolutely glowing results: IMG_1223

It’s not a secret that good skin leads to good makeup, and since I’ve battled my skin most of my teenage and adult life this is such a triumph for me. Keeping the surface of my skin attractive to moisture (not grease) and hostile to bacteria is a consistent learning process. But I’m so happy with the results! Wearing sheer makeup is now a daily occurrence, instead of a special treat.

Now in case you’re wondering about the color difference between my bare face and my made up one, understand that’s the difference between actual daylight and manufactured daylight. The bare faced photo was taken near my living fotd gaia makeuproom window in the morning, so there’s a crap ton of sunlight. The sun also really pulls my yellow undertones to the surface (sometimes to the point where I feel like I look kind of jaundiced). The makeup photo was taken later that night (hence no natural light) in front of the Diva Ring Light. That result is always more orange than yellow or neutral, which… let’s be honest… I really don’t mind. So I’m always super warm in my photos in the manufactured light.

This is Charlotte Tilbury Youth Wonder Foundation (which I still love more than the Magic stuff) in #9 with Nars Orgasm Blush and Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara. Lips are NARS Lip Cover in Undercover. I like this one so much better than Get Dirty, but overall I’m just not a fan of these lip covers. I didn’t even bother with the reds. These are just doing the most in the worst way and it takes too much for me to wear them so I don’t recommend them at all.

GAIA Giveaway Winners

gaia set

Check THIS out…

6 of you guys left comments, and I had six sets…









This is what I need from you:

Go to the HABIBI BATH & BODY Facebook Page and leave a message with your email address and your mailing address so that we can pick it up. If you don’t want to leave your mailing address on Facebook (even in a private message), just leave the email and we’ll contact you to get the mailing address. We’ll get your GAIA Discovery Set packed up and shipped out and let you know when it’s on the way!

Thank you everyone!

gaia set 1

FOTD: Turnaround

In ONE DAY, Jennifer managed to reduce my hormone-infused blemish (whom I’ve UN-affectionately named Hector) by half. It was so inflamed… my goodness! She had to STICK A NEEDLE IN HIM to relieve pressure! WHY? Ugh. I feel much better though, and the inflammation is going down. A little bit of concealer, and you can hardly tell he’s even there. I even got to wear tinted moisturizer (of the NARS variety, of course), instead of a full coverage foundation:

Jennifer handled these brows while I was laying there letting her do what she does best. I am so grateful for her and Hillary (who sent me to her). I have such a deeper understanding of skin care, and it’s helped to further my education about not just my skin, but others as well from the inside out. We trade information, skin secrets, Habibi (she is a massive fan of our lotion and body balm), beauty secrets (and lots of makeup). She is such a blessing.


The Skin Regime: Part 2

Okay, so I have been trying to figure out how to show you how well this stuff works. I was going to take a full face picture… but I know a thing or two about the internet. And I am NOT interested in googling something about skin care and finding my bare faced picture under ‘Really Bad Skin’ or something like that. So.. no.

I decided to take a picture of the most problem prone part of my face… right under my cheekbone, and along my right jawline. That is also, incidentally the side that I normally take pictures of anyway (my good angle), so it works. That area breaks out the worst, and the most often. And earlier this month… it was all red and annoyed to be damned.

This is what my skin looked like, the night that I did the peel:

Look at that… just horrid. It was soooooo annoyed and sensitive. I think this was the very end of the Glutathione experiment from November (I hear it can hang around for six months in your system). I couldn’t stop picking (I know… BAD), and I just scarred and stayed irritated for what seemed like forever. The darker marks are a result of my picking… and that ugly red thing is a fresh pimple. Gross.

This is what it looked like the next morning:

Already, my skin is a lot more calm. About 30% of those marks are gone…. and all of the redness and irritation is gone. That horrifying pimple… nearly completely dried out. And my skin FELT better. It was smooth, and bright. And here’s the best part… it kept getting better. You guys have seen my most recent FOTD’s… it’s been a week since I did the peel.

Now, you’re supposed to do one peel every couple of weeks … for a total of 12 weeks. I am going to start the ‘regime’ and take a full face picture… no foundation… when I’m done!

And that’s just the beginning…

When I complete the regime, I’ll host a Giveaway, so you guys can try The Skin Regime for yourselves!

Here’s to clear skin… FOREVER!

Beauty By Night (PM Skin Care Routine)

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking about my skin, and specifically… my skin care routine. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have acne prone and oily skin (and some of you have seen the photographic evidence), and that keeping it under control is a daily exercise.

Day or night, I never make a move without my Clarisonic. I know that a lot of people use this device to help remove their makeup. I would never. I just think it cuts down the effectiveness of the ‘deep clean.’ I always remove my makeup first, with a remover oil or cleansing water. THEN I pump a little face cleanser on the Clarisonic, and deep clean  my skin.

I took this picture of my bare skin after removing makep and using the Clarisonic. I purposely took the picture at night, before beginning the moisturizing routine.                                                                           
My daytime routine has almost never changed… Habibi Oatmeal & Peppermint Wash and Moisturizer, and sunscreen. I did change my sunscreen for a stronger version at the beginning of summer. I now use Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30. 

But at night, I tend to layer. And every few months, I alter those layers a bit because my skin adapts… and just like a workout plateau, I have to shake things up to continue progress.

So I start with Habibi Oatmeal & Peppermint Face Wash and Moisturizer, then I follow with Ren Bio Retinoid Anti Ageing Concentrate.
This is the strangest little miracle product for me. I press half a dropperful into my skin and give it about 5 minutes or so to sink in. It has a slick feeling, but absorbs very nicely. Normally, I’ll brush my teeth and floss while I’m letting it absorb.

 Then I seal it with this little concoction:

I use half a fingerful of Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants balm, and one pump of M Steves Rose Hip Seed Oil Boost. If it’s really hot and my skin is in the mood to reject anything too oily, then I just use the M Steves. But if it’s feeling particularly dry and I know that I need a nice dose of moisture to work through the night, then I’ll mix the two.

I constantly pay attention to my skin. I know that its needs change with weather, hormonal changes, mood, circumstance (lack of sleep, stress, ect). So although my basics always stay the same, I’ll switch up by adding or subtracting ‘boosts’ or helpers along the way.

I’ve kept this routine pretty much through the summer. Although it’s hot as all get out, I still moisturize my skin at night. Even oily skin needs moisture. And as I get older, I’ve found that I need more moisture at night. Hopefully, this helps answer questions about  my skin care routine. Ciao for now!