On Skin, Self-Care and a Really Bad Day

I’m not going to call this a ‘no makeup makeup’ because you can see that I’m actually fotd barewearing some. But this look came as the result of a series of unfortunate events that I hopefully righted by the end of the day. Mercury is supposed to be OUT of retrograde (as of last Saturday), but damn if the celestial ones didn’t screw my life to the WALL yesterday.

With approximately 3 1/2 hours of sleep in my arsenal, I set out to run a series of very necessary errands and go to a meeting that ran too damn long with too many personalities vying for validation on shit that does.not.matter. We ain’t saving babies. I need everyone to calm down. Anyway, I extracted myself from the business shenanigans with an hour and 15 minutes to spare for a 30 minute ride to the studio to teach yoga. This was with COUNTING the chicanery that is LA traffic. Well an hour and a half later, I was still sitting in traffic C.U.S.S.I.N.G and trying to discreetly shimmy into my yoga clothes. Everyone and their cousin apparently forgot how to drive yesterday and there were more fender benders than I care to count. Here’s the rub: all of the accidents had already been shunted off to the shoulder of the freeway by the time I got on it, but fotd bare 1don’t you know every nosy mofo on the planet just HAD to see what was happening?

So there I sat, practicing my breathing and trying to ignore the fact that my deodorant had failed and knowing I’d probably be labeled ‘the stinky teacher’ until someone else had the misfortune of coming along to take the mantle.

When I finally got to the studio (after many text messages and photo evidence to the assistant manager), wouldn’t you know a couple of the mucky-mucks were there for a meeting? REALLY? REALLY UNIVERSE? Okay. I see you wanna be cute and just mess me all the way up. I snatched off my very expensive caftan (which I’d slapped over my yoga gear in an attempt to look sort of presentable when I walked in) and simultaneously wiped off that makeup. Because I just couldn’t be rancid while teaching the class, I took an extra five minutes to clean up in the bathroom. Man, listen. Priorities.

I taught my classes (back to back) and nailed the out times, which incidentally was noticed by the mucky mucks (we have a chronic problem of teachers ending class late) who complimented me on nailing it! Whoo hoo! Okay, things were looking better. I crawled out of there 4 hours later in search of curry and a date with Game of Thrones (a sista has to DVR because… life). Got home, retrieved my caftan from my go-bag and got it stuck in the zipper.


I wasn’t even mad ’cause the day was screwed pretty much from the time I woke up, so at that point it was kind of like WHATEVER. It’s snagged, but I might be able to fix it. Suffice to say that at this point, I really didn’t care. I watched my show (and re-affirmed my dislike for that little Bran brat. I never liked him, even when he got pushed out the window for being nosy. All Catelyn’s kids are annoying… although Arya done turned into a G so now I love her) and went to bed.

So that was my day.

This makeup happened because the look that I’d PLANNED (winged eye, red lip) went horribly wrong halfway through. I couldn’t get anything right. Not the wing, the lip… everything was cutting up. So I had strip everything off, reapply moisturizer and start from scratch. This is one of those moments when it helps tremendously to have your skin in good shape. That’s By Terry CC Cream in Tan and Innisfree No Sebum Powder, Anastasia Brow Gel in Espresso, Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara, and Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Lipstick in Beige.

At least something turned out right.

Giveaway: Full Sized Rodial/Radical Skincare/Kate Somerville + Sampler Goodie Bag!

Hey Guys,

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FOTD: The Makeup Show LA

I got up bright and early for The Makeup Show this morning… and wanted to put my best face forward. I wanted to go for an orange ‘glow’ (you know orange is my color) without the shine. I blended a highlighter in my foundation, which caused a bit of flashback in the camera, but it looked natural outside in the sun, and under artificial lights in the show.

Guerlain Paurue Gold Foundation (Beige 06)
Armani Maestro Fusion Concealer (5)
Make Up For Ever Gold Highlighter (blended)
Chanel Sculpting Veil in Notorious
Chanel Blush in Frivole
Hourglass Ambient Light Powder in Radiant Light 
(forehead/cheekbones/center of nose/chin)
MAC Marches Aux Puces (orange/gold) on lids
Louise Young Maowi in crease
Louise Young Sislet above crease
Lise Watier Feline Eye Liner on lashline
Guerlain Retractable pencil in Gold #1 on waterline
Volume de Chanel Mascara
Chanel Lip Pencil in Copper Brown
NARS Lipstick in Autumn Leaves
Shu Uemura Lip Gloss in Shimmer Orange

GIVEAWAY: Chanel Black & White and Rouge Unlimited

Hey Guys!

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FOTD: Green Eyed Girl

I went back into the Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette for this look:

Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup (#10)
Armani Maestro Eraser (#5)
Chanel Blush in Rose Initiale
Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette:
Green Aqua Cream on lids
Sugarpill Eyeshadow in Midori blended above crease
Guerlain Retractable Eye Pencil in #1 on waterline
Armani Eyes to Kill Stretch Mascara
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Beige

FOTD: Riviere

I dug into the new Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Rivere, and was happy to find that it stayed a distinct teal color on me…

Sunday Riley Liquid Light Foundation (140C)
By Terry Loose Powder in Apricot Sable
Chanel Blush in Fleur de Lotus
Chanel Eyeshadow in Beige Lame (lashline to crease)
Chanel Illusion d’ Ombre in Riviere (lids)
MAC Eyeshadow in Brun (outer lashline/outer crease)
Chanel Eye Kohl in Blue Aerien (waterline)
Chanel Intimitable Intense Mascara
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Beige

FOTD: SugarPill Heart Breaker

I decided to use ALL FOUR COLORS in the SugarPill Heart Breaker palette… SMH. I think it came out OOOOKAY. I know I can do better. But in my defense, I wore this all day (in the daylight), so I went lighter for my first go:

Amore Pacific Foundation (206)
Shu Uemura Translucent Powder
Chanel Blush in Rose Ecrin 
SugarPill Heart Breaker Palette:
Acidberry on Lids
2AM through Crease
Velocity on Outer Corner
Mochi on Inner Corner
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Blackbear on lashline
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom under waterline
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
NARS Sheer Lip Treatment in Angelique

FOTD: Back To Basics

I was in a neutral kind of mood, so I broke out some old favorites for today’s FOTD:

Shu Uemura Nobara Stick Foundation (524)
Shiseido Translucent Powder
Illamasqua Blush in Expose
MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre (base)
Kevyn Aucoin Eyehshadow in Tusk (lashline to brow)
MAC Eyeshadow in Saddle (crease & under waterline)
YSL Shocking Gel Line in Deep Black (lashline)
Chanel Eye Kohl in Clair (waterline)
Armani Eyes To Kill Stretch Mascara
Tom Ford Lipstick in Coco Ravish

FOTD: Defined Brows

I tried to follow the same routine as MUA Rhona Samuels with my brows for this FOTD. I brushed them upwards with a spoolie, used a brown pencil to fill them in… then a color corrector to shape the arch from underneath.

Here’s how they turned out:

Chanel Perfection Lumiere in Beige Ambre 64
Armani Sheer Bronzer in #5 (as blush)
Shu Uemura Brow Pencil in Seal Brown 
Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Dark Peach (browbone)
NARS Cream Shadow in Ponderosa (lids/under waterline)
Chanel Eyeshadow in Beige Lame (lashline to browbone)
Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Zero (waterline)
MAC Extreme Black False Lashes Mascara
Chantecaille Hydra Chic Lipstick in Willow

FOTD: Bold Line/Bright Lip

I had a little time on my hands today… so I decided to work a bit more on one of my biggest challenges: the bold eyeline. I’m not good at it at all… and I always need time to get it right. Here’s how it turned out:

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
Bobbi Brown Concealer in Honey
Guerlain Giant Mosaic Bronzer
Sleek Contour Highlight in Dark (as blush)
MAC Pigment in Naked Dark (all over)
Louise Young Eyeshadow in Pom Pom (crease)
Shu Uemura Painting Gel Liner (lashline/waterline/tightline)
Make Up For Ever Lash Fibers
Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara
Haughty Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Break A Leg