D&G Says: Shine On!

I have one wish for the Dolce & Gabanna makeup branch: that it expand distribution to other (read: more accessible) places for people to purchase it! I feel like, between the real lack of advertising (the occasional picture of Scarlett Johannsen doesn’t really count) and the lack of distribution… this branch of the D&G enterprise is being done a gross disservice.

Every now and then, I remember that I kind of like the line, and make a purchase.

One of my favorites among the lipsticks, is the Shine lippie:

I have no idea why they gave this lipstick a name like ‘Shine.’ You’d think that it would be sheer, right? NOT.

Look at the pigment in this freakin’ color! Sheesh. And that’s AFTER I blotted it down. Like most Dolce & Gabanna lippies, this one has fantastic coverage, is moisturizing, and wears all day.
I just wish they’d given this lipstick a more appropriate name, like “Traffic Stopping Orange”… I’m just saying.