Lip Service: MAC Seasonally Supreme

MAC has released a collection of ‘themed’ lippies, called Seasonally Supreme:

The look and feel of the lipsticks mirror the Sheen Supreme collection of months past. I feel that that this collection isn’t as moisturizing formula wise… there’s not as much slip. And the colors are not very inspired, in my humble opinion. Still, a couple of lipsticks did manage to make their way home with me:

Korean Candy     Sheer Mandarin
I got the orange shades because honestly, the rest just really didn’t look that appealing. Most look like rehashes of the same lipsticks that MAC has been putting out for years… just in a different formula.
Korean Candy
Here’s what I learned about these lipstiks: The formula does NOT grab your lips. You have to work it in. So that’s why the swatch skips. I decided to share the picture so that you’re not shocked/annoyed if you use this lipstick and find that it skips the first few times. I learned my lesson with this lipstick, and really worked the color in for the next swatch…
Sheer Mandarin

As you can see, there’s nothing ‘sheer’ or ‘mandarin’ about this color on my skin tone. It’s more of a warm nude.

This is my take: if you must MUST have these lipsticks (MAC collectors, I’m looking at you), then spend your $$ at your own risk. I don’t feel that they are must haves at all. I even feel that this formula was ‘rushed’ a bit. It doesn’t stick to the lips and you really have to work it to make it blend out properly. MAC knows how to make good lipsticks… their regular lineup is proof of that. So I really don’t know what this half-measured attempt is all about.