Spring Forward: Burberry Basics

Since we’re heading into Spring in just a few days (it’s actually already pretty warm in Los Angeles), I been actively seeking lighter formulations in all things makeup… that still perform like their heavier ‘winter-appropriate’ counterparts. My search led me to the local Burberry counter.

 I’m not that familiar with the brand; lack of physical access has kind of kept me away from it. I really like to try things in person, so that I can  make an informed decision.

I ended up with three of the four basics that I think perfectly pull together a classic Burberry Face: Fresh Glow Primer/Highlighter, Sheer Foundation in Trench #10, and Lip Mist in Copper.

I also wanted the mascara, but they were out of stock (so it’s been ordered for delivery next week). I decided to pass on the concealer, because I have a ton of concealers… and honestly what I have works just fine for me.

Here’s what I learned about Burberry Foundations: They go from yellow to pink to yellow to pink and so on. So Trench #9 is more pink, while Trench #10 is distinctly yellow, and Trench #11 is darker with more pink (to neutralize the yellow). I swatched both #10 and #11 (because I wanted to make sure I got the perfect match), and I’m definitely #10.

I was initially on the fence about Fresh Glow. I’ve seen some reviews where it’s described as ‘pink’ — and reviewers said that it imparted a pink glow. It doesn’t. It’s actually a neutral shimmer (neither pink nor yellow), and nearly completely disappears when applied directly to they skin. It brightens the skin by adding the tiniest light reflecting ‘film’ over the surface, and won’t sink into lines or wrinkles.

Burberry Sheer Foundation in Trench #10:

Burberry Lip Mist in Copper:

You can find out more about Burberry Beauty HERE.