Mini Armani Haul

I shored up my Sheer Bronzer collection from Armani. Special thanks to Emma in the Las Vegas Boutique for her quick service and fabulous extras… love her!

From the left: Sheer Bronzer in #1, Loose Powder in #2, Sheer Bronzer in #5
Sheer Bronzer in #1, Sheer Bronzer in #5
Sheer Bronzer in #1
Sheer Bronzer in #5
Emma also sent me a discountined item at my request: Armani Master Corrector in #3 (yellow). I have no idea why they discontinued it (only the Peach and the Green remain), because it works really well. I’d called other Armani counters around the country, and only Vegas had a couple left. So Emma was gracious enough to include them in my shipment.
You need just the tiniest bit to color correct and highlight.
Blended out. 
See how it adds just a little bit of light to the place where it was applied?
It’s wonderful stuff. I hope they bring it back.
That’s my mini Armani Haul. Ciao for now!