Product Review: Chantecaille Bio Lift Concealer

I’ve been on the hunt for a new concealer for a while. My MAC Studio Sculpt seems to be too heavy on the days that I use it, so I was looking for a lighter touch with some kind of ‘anti aging’ boost. I found that combination with Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer.

It’s a creamy concealer with a ‘lifting’ serum in the middle. Kind of reminds me of those lipstick/lipgloss combos. My color is Shea. I fell in love with it after trying it at the store, and noticing that although it was extremely sheer and lightweight, it still gave coverage and lifted the area under the eye.

See? It looks like it’s barely there. But the coverage imitates ‘skin’ so that when you blend it in, it seems to disappear.

Love that. I am absolutely in love with this concealer. Now, it is NOT cheap ($69) so be warned. The SA rang me up and I was like SHEESH! lol But I think that it’s worth it.

You can find out more about Chantecaille’s Bio Lift Concealer HERE.