Organic Essential Body Lotion

When we pulled the Organic Essential Body Lotion from the website, there was a collective protest of WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

Here’s why. We wanted to make the formula better. While we know that many of our customers loved the original formula, we wanted to do more. One of the things we eliminated was Wheat Germ Oil. That’s because we got an increasing number of emails about concerns from those with wheat or gluten allergies. And although our wheat germ oil was processed from a single source… we knew that it might still pose a problem.

So we removed it.

Instead of basing our lotion formula in water (which is standard), we switched to aloe. We found that overall, it makes the formula thicker, binds to the skin better, and doesn’t move until you take it off. It also cuts down the ‘slick’ factor. Sometimes it takes a little ‘work’ to get thicker lotions to absorb. But our new formula cuts down absorption time, without sacrificing oil and aloe content.

So that’s it! The lotion has been ‘re-added’ to the lineup at in every fragrance available (including a couple of ‘limited edition’ selections).

You can find out more about our Organic Essential Body Lotion HERE.

Processing & Shipping Changes

 Thank you all so much for your patience, as we grow and figure out how to handle the demand for Habibi Bath & Body Products. An increasing number of you have tried, tested, and fallen in love with our products. But as more people purchased from all over the world, it took more time to fill each order and ship it in a timely manner.

But you waited.

Boy, did you wait. Some of you waited longer than anyone should have to wait… for anything. And we want you to know that your patience, and your grace did not go unnoticed. We’ve been working to keep up with you, and change the way we do businesses with you… so that you never have to wait so long again.

 In the future, you’ll see an increasing number of packages arriving from UPS. We are phasing out USPS, as we’ve found the overall method cost prohibitive and generally unreliable (10 days to deliver a Priority Mail package = extremely expensive Parcel Post). While this means you’ll have to wait longer than an average of 2 business days for a shipment once it’s left us, that time will be off-set by faster processing time.
You heard right. New hires (read: much needed help) has allowed us to process your orders faster. If a product is back-ordered, you’ll get a notification and an estimated shipping time for the backordered products only. You’ll have the option of cancelling that portion of your order, or agreeing to wait for the specific product. Meanwhile, any orders that can be filled in a normal processing time will be done within 5-7 business days.
International Shipping is in the works. The way we’ve been doing it to date has  been… not good. So we’ve contracted with a shipping agent to get our international orders out the door and across the globe in a timely fashion. BUT… unlike domestic shipping, international shipping will not be free. We’re working to cut the shipping cost as much as possible, but international customers will have to pay an additional fee to ship any orders.
We’re phasing in all changes through the Spring and Summer. So like your labels and some of your formulations… you’ll see gradual upgrades over the next several weeks. Again, we love and appreciate you, and we sincerely thank you for choosing Habibi. Your satisfaction is, and always will be extremely important to us.
-Shahada Karim

Summer Fruit!

HABIBI Summer Fruit selections are here! Starting March 20th… Organic Pink Grapefruit will complete the list. For now, Lemon Tea, Pomegranate and Mandarin are all available in a wide selection of Habibi products including (especially) our ultra mositurizing body balm.

Find out more at

Every Thousand Likes GIVEAWAY

Every time the HABIBI BATH & BODY page earns an extra 1,000 likes… one lucky facebook follower will win a full sized product!

Up Next:

ORGANIC PINK GRAPEFRUIT Body Balm! Since we released it at the beginning of Spring… it’s become a best seller! All you have to do, to qualify for this contest, is like the Facebook Page.

We’ll announce the winner just as soon as the page  hits 2,000 likes!


Coming Soon: Fresh Fruit & Flowers!

We’re gearing up for the big ‘thaw’ as Spring 2013 approaches. We thought the best way to get everyone’s skin ready to show for the warmer months, was to boost it with healing fruit acids and uplifting floral oils!

So we’re boosting a Habibi Favorite: POMEGRANATE. The new blend will contain even more Vitamin C packed Pomegranate juice… to help brighten and improve the overall look of your skin. We’re also boosting the level of Organic Essential ingredients to support the new blend.

LEMON TEA is coming back! For a limited time, the smooth ‘sweet tart’ fragrance will be back on the Habibi roster. We keep limited quantities of this amazing blend because that’s the best way to keep it absolutely fresh. For those of you who listed this fragrance as a favorite, look for it to show up around Mid-March.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT will make it’s debut on the eve of Spring 2013! This fresh squeezed blend will not only brighten your skin, it’ll help ‘lift’ your spirits as well! We worked hard to find the perfect balance between sweet and sour, to create a fragrance that mixes perfectly with our best selling products.

We’re also gearing up for a sale to celebrate the arrival of Spring! So stay tuned for updates, and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Cool Weather = New Skin Routines

With temperatures dropping for the Autumn/Winter season… it’s time to beef up the ‘moisture’ portion of our skin care routines.

During the warmer months, we can get away with using a scrub alone, and going on about our business… and maybe a little lotion  here and there.

But cooler months mean a greater need for heavier balms and creams, to help our skin really hold on to moisture an stay soft.

Our favorite nighttime routine involves combining the Habibi Body Scrub and Body Balm.

First you shower (like normal), then follow with Habibi Body Scrub on clean, damp skin.

Then you rins,  pat dry, and apply a generous layer of Habibi Body Balm. Then go to bed.

The next morning… your skin will be like SILK.

You can even mix it up by combining different fragrances of Scrub and Balm. We have a few customers who are fans of combining Mandarin and Tahitian Vanilla. They say it leaves them smelling like an Orange Creamsicle (remember those?)

Try this routine… we’d love to hear how it works out for you!


I wanted to take a little time and talk about the recent changes with HABIBI. A lot  has happened over the past six months, and we’ve been rolling with the punches. We’ve also been forced to evolve with our sudden growth spurt.

In January 2012, we opened the floodgates by offering free shipping… anywhere. That led to a major uptick in international sales (nothing like a high shipping charge to keep you from ordering something online). With the increased shipping time, we had to revise our normal processing and shipping schedule to accommodate our new international fans.

We were just getting used to the whole idea of shipping all over the world on a regular basis… when we also decided to participate in the May CurlBox.

That opened up a flood of ‘domestic’ orders… and suddenly, instead of 4-5 orders a day, we were looking at 10 times that. We thought that the sudden uptick in sales would taper off, as excitement about trying a ‘new thing’ waned.

We were wrong.

Since our debut in CurlBox, we’ve not only gotten orders from subscribers, we’ve also gotten orders from their friends, co-workers, associates, and family members. And we’ve noticed that in one month’s time, many of those initial CurlBox customers have ordered at least twice since.

We are eternally grateful for ALL of the business, and love for our products. Truly, we are moved by the massive response, and are working tirelessly to make sure everyone gets their orders in a timely fashion.

Remember, everything in the HABIBI lineup is handmade. We don’t use fillers or substitutes, and we don’t use any ‘pre mixed’ formulations. All of our recipes are OURS, and we’re very proud of that fact.

So here’s the deal. We’re evolving… we have no choice. But that means, sometimes we’re going to make a mistake. We’re going to be a little behind with some orders, and a little ahead with others. If you EVER have ANY concerns, please do NOT hesitate to shoot us an email. You can email directly from the Habibi Website, or you can send me an email personally at

Our goal is to make sure that everyone is happy with their purchases, and that we’ve done everything we could to ensure they have a pleasant experience shopping with us.

We take care with every order, and we make everything with the specific customer in mind. We work very hard to make sure that aspect of our business NEVER changes, no matter how much we must evolve in other areas.

Thank you all so much for your support, and for your business. We appreciate you.

-Shahada Karim