Professional Grade: Setorii Spring 2012

I slammed my kit together and hauled over to West Los Angeles for the Spring 2012 Collection from Setorii:

By the time I got there (somehow, I got the call times screwed up), there was only one model left to make up. Fortunately, the Key MUA had her stuff together and was able to quickly explain what we were doing. The look was simple: Polished skin, clean eyes with a thin liner/lush lashes, pinkish nude lips. I was lucky enough to get a model named Marisha, who was quite beautiful and quite easy to make up:

I got her face done in record time (20 minutes) and was ready for the next challenge: Doing makeup on the designer, Setorii. Now, I had to do her makeup as she was walking around, dressing the girls, and directing the order that the models would walk for the show. I literally waited for her to take a breath, quickly applied color to whatever part of her face I could reach… and let her move again. We moved together for about 15 minutes while she worked to get the show ready, and I worked to get her camera ready. I was surprised when she actually stopped for a second and smiled… so I could take her picture after I was done:

She was really happy that I didn’t interrupt her to do the makeup… and worked ‘with’ her instead. I’m glad she was happy. She ended up making it to the carpet and taking a few pictures before the show got started, so I was glad for that.

The show has already been uploaded on Youtube:

Hubby also shot video of me doing makeup backstage, which will have to be cut and edited. I’ll post it as soon as he gets it done.

Despite the time mix-up and other such snafus, I had a really good time, and I was really pleased to be part of the production.