Contest Update… and looking ahead.

Hey guys,

I’m sorry if there’s been any confusion about how to amp your chances to win the next prize. I check everyone’s blogs (when available), twitter feeds (when available) and my facebook page (Adventures In Makeup) to add to the entry hat accordingly.

If you follow this blog, you are automatically entered once.

If you want to do better, you can:

-‘Like’ Adventures in Makeup on Facebook (1 entry)

Follow me on Twitter @shahadakarim (1 entry)

-Tweet about the giveaway (1 entry)

-Link the giveaway on your blog (2-entries)

-Link this blog to your blog (2-entries)

-Blog about the giveaway (3-entries). This means, actually blogging about it… not just posting a picture/link with a caption. Toss in a little of your own words to make it legit, hmmmm?

…Hope that clears things up!

And no, you are not obligated to comment every time I do a post. I know some bloggers have an issue with folks showing up just for the freebies. I have to tell you, I’m not really concerned about that sort of thing. I like blogging, and I hope you guys like reading. I ALWAYS appreciate a comment (and any constructive criticism). But it’s certainly not necessary to be entered in any of the giveaways.


I have three MASSIVE prizes coming up. One collection is pretty much sold out EVERYWHERE… the one after that will include some of my favorite things… And the last gift will be the biggest (and the most luxurious). Stay tuned!

Comment (or not), Rate (or not), Subscribe (to qualify for the giveaway), and let’s play in some makeup!