Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer… Swatches and Stuff

As promised, here are the swatches of the Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer in Roxanne:

Totally blended out, it gives the skin a lovely ‘glow’ without going shiny or glittery. I really like this stuff. Had there been another one on the site, I would have totally gotten a backup.

I also got the only pressed powder they had left (in the color Velvet), which is too dark to use regularly on my skin, but works perfectly as a contour:

See? I can totally use it on clients with a warmer skin tone, and on lighter skin tones it’ll do nicely as a contour.

I got both for a grand total of $20. Totally worth it.

Rock & Republic Tinted Illuminizer

It is SUCH a shame that Rock & Republic cosmetics didn’t catch on. I took part in the last massive sale (60% off) and got the tinted Illuminizer in Roxanne:

OMG is all I have to say. I thought it would be bogus… but it’s NOT. Roxanne is a dead ringer for my medium toned skin. And the shimmer is only really obvious under a flash. I wore it today and was blown away by the medium coverage and ‘light reflecting’ effect of this product. Even on my oily skin, it held beautifully.

I swatched it… but accidentally erased the pictures! Boo! I’ll take them again tonight and put them up. If you ever get the chance to try this stuff, I think it’s worth it.

Because there are no longer Rock& Republic counters (they did a short stint at Nordstrom), it’s impossible to test this first. Personally, I guessed at my color (and totally lucked out).

Swatches tonight… promise!