Take Two: YSL Autumn 2011

Okay, I know I said that the Spellbinding Violet lipstick from Yves Saint Laurent was a pass because it looks like MUFE’s Rouge Artist Intense in #17…

But it doesn’t… mostly. It looks the same in the tube, but swatches more of a pinky-violet. So I swatched it, wore it around for a bit, and decided that it was worth it:

Look at that color! It looks like a jewel. Totally, completely beautiful.
So this is another case of me admitting that I was wrong initially. I love this lipstick. It definitely wears more pink than purple, despite it’s name. It has an amazing slip and moisturizing feeling associated with the Rouge Volupte Lipstick line. Definitely a keeper.

FOTD: Doing The Most

The day started out gloomy and overcast… much more like Autumn than Summer, so I went into today’s look with a heavy hand:

Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat (Honey)
Kevyn Aucoin Diaphonous Radiance Powder
Chanel Blush in Rose Ecrin
Tarte Eyeshadow in Legend (brows/lids/outer crease)
Tarte Eyeshadow in Glamour Me (inner crease)
Tarte Eyeshadow in Dusk (browbone)
Tarte Eyeshadow in Immortal (under waterline)
Tarte Gel Eyeliner (waterline)
Tarte Mascara
Beaute Liqui-Gel Lipstain in Harlot
YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Spellbinding Violet

Lip Service. YSL Volupte Sheer Candy

Just in time for the heat of summer, YSL has released a small line of sheer glosses, with the look at feel of the famous Rouge Volupte Lipsticks.

They are quite the little indulgence. There small selection of six colors range from a crystal pink to a bright sheer cherry. My favorite was the sheer berry color, so that’s what came home with me.

Now, anyone who’s worn a Rouge Volupte lipstick, are aware of the slip and feel of these produts. The Sheer Candy variety behaves in much the same way. It goes on slick and smooth, and feels absolutely wonderful.

There is a color for every skin tone, and the sheerness makes the color selection even more universal. I like these. They’re an amazing little luxury. At $30 a pop, they are not cheap. I honestly don’t think that anyone needs all six (not even me). One little tube of heaven is quite enough for even the most avid makeup collector.

YSL… Autmn 2010

Official Signage:
The colors follow the current ‘plum/purple’ trend, with a little brown and a little gold and a little turquoise for good measure. Note the lips on the model. She is supposed to be wearing the new dark color for fall, Rouge Volupte in #106. It’s described as a deep plum. It’s not…

Does that look plum to you? No. It’s more of a black based cool toned purple. Sounds beautiful, but wears a bit Goth for my tastes. It’s nearly impossible to wear this lipstick alone on any skintone, unless Goth is what you’re actually going for. The model’s lips are tempered with a Golden Gloss (likely the new taupe color offered for Autumn) in the center.

Alone, the lipstick swatches like this:

With a little gloss in the center, it wears like this:

The color does ‘not’ go berry (the gloss in on my lips is forcing it to shade ‘up’) on its own. The good news is, it doesn’t go black either. It stays that shade of purple for the duration of wear.

I wore it today with the eyeshadow duo in #29:

Of note is the brown color in the duo… it’s shot through with a bit of purple sparkle. To keep that sparkle effect, you can’t really blend the shadow. You have to pat it on to maintain the color integrity. I discovered this last night while playing in the colors.

I didn’t take a picture of my face today… boooo to me. But I will tell you that with both the eyeshadow and the lipstick, the overall effect is more fashion victim than fashion forward. I’d likely wear the lipstick alone, or the shadows with more of a berry colored lipstick. #106 is so cool that it overwhelmes any warm colors that you put near it… even with the additon of a golden gloss or berry colored lip pencil. It’s a unique and beautiful color (which is why I bought it), and it’ll take some practice to get the combination just right for me.

Overall, the collection is beautiful, but these are the only items worth buying in my opinion. The other items can be found in comparable brands, and likely for less money.